‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg’s Granddaughter Slams Her as ‘Annoying’

by Shelby Scott

Heading into its 26th season, The View features a panel of noteworthy women as they discuss everything from politics to celebrity gossip. Among the talk show’s panel of intergenerational women is 66-year-old Whoopi Goldberg who, in recent months, has faced an onslaught of backlash from fans after making multiple insensitive comments and statements on the air. The View fans have even gone so far as to call for the woman’s termination from the show. More recently though, Goldberg has caught flack in a much more personal way after her granddaughter, Amara Skye (32), slammed her as “annoying.”

Per The U.S. Sun, Skye is a contestant on the brand new reality TV show Claim to Fame. Hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, it sees the relatives of some of our favorite celebrities work to pin down the identities of their fellow contestants and who their famous connection is in pursuit of a $100,000 prize. Before the season began, the outlet stated it was revealed that Skye is the granddaughter of the longtime The View host.

Amid her run on the new TV show, Amara Skye spoke about her family and Whoopi Goldberg specifically. The game show contestant revealed that while she has a strong support system in her family, it can often cause tension. Of her grandmother, however, Skye said that on occasion, she “can be annoying.”

“Me and my grandma are super close,” Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter explained. That said, she added, “she’s also really a grandmother. People who are lucky enough to have them know, grandmothers are annoying and it’s another parent.”

Whoopi Goldberg Becomes Involved In Heated On-Air Debate With Sunny Hostin

Amara Skye may love her “annoying” grandmother regardless, however, fans of The View are rapidly losing patience with the popular television personality and actress. Among a slew of controversial statements made on air, followed by multiple on-air apologies, Goldberg became involved in a heated broadcast debate with fellow cohost Sunny Hostin.

Fans of the long-running talk show know that each broadcast sees the panelists discussing their views on a multitude of “Hot Topics.” At the end of July, the crew got into a discussion about a viral video regarding one man’s view on his fiancé’s beauty. However, his comments were likely far from anything any woman would really want to hear.

He specifically said in the clip addressing his partner, “Not the most beautiful woman, neither are you the most intelligent woman, but I’ve chosen never to find perfection in anyone else. It may not sound like a compliment. But it’s a realistic base for love.”

Hostin and Goldberg had drastically different takes on the man’s social media post.

“I didn’t think it was a bad thing,” Whoopi Goldberg commented, insisting she understood what he was actually trying to say.

Hostin, however, agreed with the vast majority of the internet, who called for the woman in question to leave the man immediately.

“I worry about this guy,” Hostin contributed. “I hate him. But I worry about this guy for this woman. I wouldn’t marry him after saying that.”

The argument quickly elevated from there, with another of Whoopi Goldberg’s cohosts, Sara Haines, arguing that while she understood what the man was trying to say, he definitely could have gone about it more artfully.