‘The View’s Sara Haines Leaves Fans Stunned After Getting Bleeped Out in New Video

by Samantha Whidden

With the 26th season premiere of The View just days away, fans are being left stunned by co-host Sara Haines getting bleeped out in a new video.

The View co-host was featured in the latest promotional video of the show. However, although she’s considered one of the more even-tempered co-hosts, Haines was bleeped.

Haines shared in The View promo, “The View has given me a strong sense of myself. It allowed me a place to not only amplify my voice but to find my voice and to really question my voice and to stand tall when it wasn’t popular. And so, the best thing it really gave me in a sense was me.”

Haines then stated she hopes she is amplifying someone else’s voice while she appears on The Voice. “When you look at that table, you shouldn’t be naive to think someone is going to represent you,” she explained. “Because there are millions of voices in this voice. We’re only five voices. But I do hope that there are people who hear what I say and think, ‘Oh gosh. That’s what I was thinking.” 

Then she dropped a vocal bomb. “When that happens that’s nice to hear because usually you only hear, ‘you dumb b—‘, so please speak up if you agree,” the co-host added. She ended her interview with a laugh. 

Fans of the daytime talk show quickly shared their reaction to Haines’ shocking move. “Sara getting bleeped was so funny,” one fan shared. Another commented, “She is very articulate when she speaks.” 

Haines previously had another NSFW moment on The View last season. The Sun reported that Haines and fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg appeared uncomfortable as the ladies discussed taking away the stigma of sex education for children.

Sara Haines Opens Up About How ‘The View’ Has Changed Over the Years 

During a recent interview with the Des Moines Register, Sara Haines reflected on how The Voice has evolved over the years. 

“When I joined [in 2016], there was this chill camaraderie,” The View co-host explained. “Definitely disagreements but then it was done.

Haines admitted that while there was a time that was more fiery, things have changed a bit. “And this last season has felt back to normal.”

Haines then shared that there are some heated moments on the set. However, she can still feel comfortable with her The View co-hosts. “We can disagree and none of us take it personally. Conversation has gotten back to ideas, which is what it should be. You walk away [every day] and leave it behind and come back – it feels good.”

Haines went on to praise both of her shows, The View and The Chase, and how they are different from each other. “The View is about tuning in. It’s an honor to sit at that table but you have to know where you stand and read into a lot. The Chase is about tuning out and to me, it’s unifying families, all different ages, no politics, and it’s just a game.”