’The View’s Sherri Shepherd Reflects on the Show’s Profound Impact on Her Career

by Blake Ells

Sherri Shepherd debuts her own talk show next week, leaving The View behind. She’s opening up to Variety about the impact that The View had on her career and what’s next.

“I really learned to know exactly what I brought to The View and to really hone in on it – for me, if you wanted the fun, if you wanted the laughter, if you want that girl that’s gonna be your girlfriend that you go to a bar with and hang out, that’s Sherri,” she said. “I learned to look at ratings, I learned what works and what doesn’t, I learned to not take the weight of the world on my shoulders. But the biggest one was to handle criticism. I learned that you can’t apologize for everything. Like Bill Geddie [The View’s executive producer] said, ‘If you keep apologizing for everything, this is going to become the apology show.’ You can’t do it. You have to let it go.”

Hosting a talk show is something that Shepherd has dreamed of for a long time.

“It’s something that I used to dream about when I was a little girl,” she said. “I would line up my teddy bears with my Barbie dolls and I have a toilet paper roll and I’d put them on chairs.

She’d watch Phil Donahue and Dinah Shore with her grandmother. Later in life, she gravitated toward Oprah and Sally Jesse Raphael.

“It’s so important that people see a representation of themselves,” she said. “I didn’t get to see a lot of black women on TV growing up.”

Longtime ‘The View’ Co-Host Launching Her Own Show

She’s not the only black woman that will have her own show. She mentioned shows hosted by Tamron Hall and a new show coming from Jennifer Hudson.

“To think that little brown girls can look up and see three black women on TV right now, it just blows my mind that Tamron, Jennifer and me are all hosting our own talk shows. To me, that is so awesome. It is phenomenal that there will be three black women helming their own daytime talk shows by themselves.”

Sherri Shepherd leaves The View for the time slot that was held by Wendy Williams for years. She believes that Wendy deserves a spot among the all-time greats.

“Please, let’s just put Wendy up there with the greats – with Oprah and Rosie and Sally Jesse Raphael,” she said. “Wendy has now taken a spot up there with women who have carved their own lane, so we cannot forget that.”

Sherri Shepherd’s show will debut on FOX networks next week. American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson’s show debuts next week, too. The fall television season is about to be in full swing.