‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Reveals Hilarious Reasons Why He Loves Having Gwen Stefani on the Show

by Craig Garrett

Blake Shelton loves having his wife Gwen Stefani on The Voice with him, but maybe not for the reason you would expect. The premiere of The Voice Season 22 is mere weeks away after a long hiatus. Fans will be able to see how Camila Cabello fares as the new coach against former ally John Legend. Cabello helped Legend as a Battle Advisor back in Season 21. It will also be fascinating to observe how Cabello compares to husband-and-wife act Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

Despite the fact that we’ve seen the pair go at it on The Voice before, it’s not since they said their wedding vows. Plus, it appears that the country singer is hiding something, even if he truly loves the idea of them spending that time together.

When it comes to his wife, Blake Shelton has a reputation for laying it on thick. However, Stefani reportedly put Shelton on some serious domestic duties during his break from The Voice. Given this, it’s not difficult to see why he’d want to continue spending time with her in a new setting. However, his enthusiasm for having his wife join him on the singing competition show isn’t as pure as it might appear.

Blake Shelton reveals why if loves having his wife around on The Voice

In a recent interview with NBC Insider, Blake Shelton didn’t hold back on why he likes having the old ball and chain around for The Voice. “The best part about working with my wife is that I never have to be apart from her,” he said. “And she also happens to be one of the least competitive people I know. Being on a competition show with your wife, who is also not competitive, is the greatest situation you can be in,” he quipped.

There goes Blake Shelton proving he’s always looking for that competitive edge. However, he might be underestimating his wife. Gwen Stefani has always been one to go all out in her previous seasons, especially when it comes to being able to trump Shelton.

Regardless, Gwen’s attitude about returning with Shelton was a bit more positive. “Stepping back on the set of The Voice this time was very surreal,” Stefani told NBC Insider. “Being married, it brought back so many memories of all the different seasons that we’ve been on The Voice together, all the different phases of our friendship, of our relationship.”

As far as getting back into the workflow with her husband Blake Shelton, Stefani had no problems. “[It was] kinda easy and flawless and normal, she said. “It just feels like we’re anywhere else we’d be together. And I have a lot of fun with him here.”

The Voice returns Monday, September 19, on NBC.