‘The Voice’ Coach Camila Cabello Reveals Why She Looks Up to Gwen Stefani

by Samantha Whidden

With “The Voice” season 22 set to premiere in a little more than two months, Camila Cabello is now revealing why she looks up to fellow coach Gwen Stefani. 

During a recent interview with NBC, “The Voice” newcomer spoke about how Stefani has impacted her music career over the years. “I look up to Gwen Stefani so much, I mean in so many ways. She represents the kind of Artist that I wanna be. I feel like she has been kind of genre-defying and genre-less and expectation-defying… I feel like I wanna take notes from her. She’s such a cool Artist and so authentic.” 

The new “The Voice” coach further revealed that some of her favorite songs are from Stefani. “So many times in interviews I’m asked, ‘What song do you wish you would have written? And there’s so many songs of her and of No Doubt. Like ‘Underneath It All’ and ‘Cool’ and ‘Sweet Escape,’ and obviously ‘Hollaback Girl.’”

Cabello then declared that Stefani has written so many incredible songs from different eras.  Stefani responded to Cabello’s admiration of her by saying the new “The Voice” coach is the whole package. “She’s smart, cute, funny, witty, hardworking, smart – I said that already. I think she’s gonna be a great Coach. We had a great time doing the Blinds together, and I’m excited that she’s here and I have a new friend.”

“The Voice” will be returning for Season 22 in late September. Cabello and Stefani are joining long-time coaches John Legend and Blake Shelton. Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande will not be returning for the new season. 

John Legend Share His Thoughts About Camila Cabello Joining ‘The Voice’ as a Coach 

While speaking to Extra in May 2022, John Legend spoke about Camila Cabello joining “The Voice” as a new coach. “Camila has all the experience she needs to be the perfect advisor of our team,” Legend said. “She has navigated a singing competition before and done very well on it.”

Prior to joining “The Voice” as a coach, Cabello was discovered on “The X Factor” alongside her former all-girl group, Fifth Harmony, in 2012. “She was part of a group, and in this battle setting,” Legend continued. “Where the artists are dieting with each other, that’s a very important skill to have.”

Legend shared that Cabello is an incredibly successful artist in her own right. “And all the things she’s learned throughout these years are going to be so important for our team.”

Cabello went on to add, “I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t auditioned for a show like this. It genuinely gives people an opportunity, which I think is so amazing, so beautiful.”