‘The Voice’ Finalist Ian Flanigan Announces Major News

by Caitlin Berard

In the fall of 2020, Ian Flanigan made his debut on The Voice with a haunting rendition of the Zac Brown Band hit “Colder Weather.” Coach Blake Shelton was immediately entranced by the smooth, husky voice, and turned to get a glimpse of the man behind it. Shelton then took the country singer under his wing and remained his mentor for the rest of the season.

With the help of Blake Shelton and his own incredible skill, Ian Flanigan made it to the finale. And though he claimed third place when it was all said and done, the Nashville artist had thoroughly captivated the audience.

Following his time on The Voice, Flanigan released a song entitled “Grow Up” with his new mentor, Blake Shelton, who praised the up-and-coming country star as having “the most unique voice” he’d ever heard on the competition show.

For the past two years, Flanigan has been honing his craft and perfecting his sound, and is now preparing to release his debut album, Strong, which hits shelves and streaming platforms a week from today (September 2).

“For me, strength has always come from the support of the folks I hold dear,” Flanigan explained. “I made this record to feel like stepping out of the loud and busy world after a hard day’s work, taking off your boots, and having a seat with my loving family in the living room. My family would love for you to be our guest to enjoy this ride with us.”

Ian Flanigan on ‘The Voice’ and His Mentor Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton wasn’t just Ian Flanigan’s coach on The Voice, he was also a major inspiration for Flanigan’s now thriving career. According to the budding country star, Blake Shelton has guided him every step of the way, both in music and in life.

It all started with Ian Flanigan’s debut on the competition stage. Though his performance was undeniably impressive, Shelton was the only coach to take an interest. “[Blake Shelton] saved me a few times for the show,” Flanigan recalled to Fox News. “He was the only one who turned around in the beginning.”

When it came to Flanigan’s subsequent music career, Shelton gave him some invaluable advice. “He gave me a lot of great insight,” the Voice finalist said. “I’m a baritone, so I always sing pretty low. And at one point I said to him, ‘You know, I don’t really have these high notes’. And he said, ‘You’ve just gotta be yourself.'”

“Especially in the arts or anything these days, you can get caught up in thinking you should be something else. He’s always brought me back down and said, ‘Be yourself, man. That’s all you gotta do,’”

“And he does that himself in his own career,” Flanigan added. “Which is why I think so many people love him and he’s been so successful.”