‘The Voice’s Gwen Stefani Drops Throwback Picture ‘Hanging Out’ With Blake Shelton

by Caitlin Berard

In 2014, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani met for the first time as co-judges on The Voice. The pair immediately bonded over their shared experiences, becoming fast friends. And just a year later, they were officially a couple.

After six years of dating, and several duets celebrating their relationship, Shelton and Stefani finally tied the knot in the summer of 2021. The couple has now been together for more than seven years and is more in love than ever.

Though they both have hectic careers, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton manage to spend plenty of quality time together. This is, in part, thanks to their shared coaching gig on the popular competition show The Voice.

In a recent Instagram post, the No Doubt singer shared a throwback picture of herself with Blake Shelton, reminding her fans that they can catch the duo “hanging out” on Monday nights.

“[Flashback] me and [Blake Shelton] hanging out – we are gonna be hanging out Monday on TV [on The Voice] if you wanna watch,” Stefani wrote in the caption before tagging Camila Cabello and John Legend.

‘The Voice’ Coach Blake Shelton Explains His Work-Life Balance

Though he added “The Voice coach” to his resume many years ago, Blake Shelton will always be known primarily for his contributions to country music. After making his debut in 2001 with the single “Austin,” Shelton went on to become one of the biggest names in the genre and now has more than two decades of experience on stage.

Recently, however, the country icon has taken a step back from his music career. Rather than devote his energy to his music, Shelton is putting in more hours with his wife and children.

“Look, I love music and I love The Voice,” the country icon explained to Entertainment Tonight. “I love all the cool things I get to do with my job. But those things all take a backseat now to Gwen and the kids and it’s just a new phase of my life.”

Thankfully, however, Shelton hasn’t completely stopped producing hits. He’s simply sticking to singles, which demand far less time and energy than a full-length album.

“I’m having fun putting out songs when I feel like it. And luckily the record label allows me to do that,” Shelton said. “They always support it when I do it and my stupid ideas of doing a ’90s country video… They’re always on board. And because of that, we have a ‘God’s Country’ once in a while or a ‘Happy Anywhere.’”

“I just go, ‘Hey, I want to do this. Will you guys help me?’” the Voice coach explained. “And they’ll jump on board and we’ve had some big records that way. Hopefully, this will be another one.”