‘The Voice’: How Will Kelly Clarkson’s Big Changes on Her Talk Show Affect Work on Singing Competition?

by Leanne Stahulak

Singer and TV personality Kelly Clarkson has kept herself busy since the end of “The Voice” Season 21, especially with her daytime talk show.

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” airs at several different times during the day depending on your local NBC station. But now, according to CinemaBlend, the show will permanently move into the time slot previously held by “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” The controversial talk show ends on May 26, and then Clarkson’s daytime show will start airing during that hour.

So, what does this mean for the singer? It could mean that Kelly Clarkson focuses more on her talk show than on other projects, including “The Voice.”

Clarkson has coached the televised singing competition for eight seasons now, and her contestants have won four of those eight seasons. That’s a pretty impressive winning streak for her and not one she likely wants to give up any time soon.

But if “The Kelly Clarkson Show” gains more viewers and traction with its new popular time slot, then she might have to focus her efforts more on that project. CinemaBlend reports that Clarkson wants to do a “complete overhaul” of the current daytime talk show to prepare it for its new time in the spotlight.

Plus, Clarkson has also kept busy this spring by co-hosting NBC’s “American Song Contest” with Snoop Dog. If that show gets renewed for Season 2, she’ll have to balance that filming on top of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and “The Voice.”

Luckily, Clarkson has lots of experience keeping track of these multiple projects. She’s been balancing the talk show and singing competition for years, and “ASC” might not even start filming until 2023 anyway. But the real question seems to come down to if she wants to balance multiple projects or just focus on one thing.

Maybe “The Kelly Clarkson Show” is her true calling. Maybe it’s coaching or hosting singing competitions. Not to mention putting out new music herself. Either way, we’re here for whatever Kelly Clarkson gets into next.

Is Kelly Clarkson the Only ‘The Voice’ Coach Contemplating Leaving?

For the record, NBC has not announced anything concrete yet when it comes to which coaches will return for “The Voice” Season 22 or when the new season will air. This is the first year that they’re only doing one airing of the show, in the fall. But by the time production rolls around, will the coaches even have time for it in their schedules?

We know how busy Kelly Clarkson will be in the future. Blake Shelton, who’s been a coach since Season 1, has also indicated that he wants to retire soon. Preferably so he can spend more time with his wife, Gwen Stefani, and stepkids. Hopefully, he’ll come back for at least one more season so the show can give him a proper send-off.

John Legend will most likely return, especially if his Las Vegas residency wraps up by the end of summer. Ariana Grande, however, is a different story. She has rehearsals and filming for the live-action “wicked” movie starting in July. “The Voice” might have to look into a new coach soon if she can’t commit to the show’s schedule.