‘The Voice’ Singer Speaks Out About Terrifying Onstage Fall

by Alex Falls

Wendy Moten quickly became a fan-favorite contestant on The Voice last year for her soulful performances. But fans were horrified when she took a dangerous fall off the stage during a live broadcast of the show on November 23. Now, 10 months after the incident, she’s still recovering from the injuries that resulted from the fall.

Moten recently spoke to People about her road to recovery. She admitted the injuries were unlike anything she had experienced before. She broke her right elbow and also fractured her left wrist.

“I’ve never been broken before,” Moten said. “And so, it’s a new experience, but I remind myself that there are people dealing with far more serious things. I’ll be OK. I’ll just keep working at it.”

She described the injury as a “unique situation” where she add almost no use of her arms for weeks. Even currently, she must go to physical therapy three times a week to manage the healing process.

“They put a titanium piece in my elbow to keep my arm together,” Moten said. “Right now, my elbow is still crooked, and my fingers are crooked, but with the occupational therapy and the physical therapy I’m currently undergoing, I’m hoping everything gets back to normal soon.”

Luckily for Moten, she’s used to hard work. Her tenacity on and off the stage prepared her for this new challenge.

“I do the work,” Moten said. “I do the work to maintain a certain level both personally and professionally. I’m expecting these things to keep coming because I enjoy what I do, and I don’t mind working hard.”

‘The Voice’ Changed Moten’s Life

Moten knows how to take the stage now as a renowned performer, but she looks back at her youth as the child of a pastor and described herself as a “super shy kid.”

“I’m child number five out of six,” Moten said. “As a kid in Memphis, everybody was a great singer. It didn’t even matter nationality or race or anything like that. Everybody was great. All my friends were great singers and because of that, I never really thought I had anything to offer because I felt like they were all so great. I really didn’t figure out that I really had something until I was in my forties.”

After getting her big break on The Voice, Moten was ready to take on the world. Even with two broken arms. She might be putting in the hours at physical therapy, but she’s also on the road touring with country music veteran Vince Gill. Moten said working with Gill is a gift and she’s introducing herself to new fans every night they share the stage.

“I would say 90% never heard of me before and the other 10% saw me on The Voice,” Moten said. “Nevertheless, I’ve been blessed to get these standing ovations every show. So, obviously they are listening, and I am just so moved that they stay on their feet. I’m making that connection with them. That’s always been the dream … to move people and do something to their spirit and keep them listening.”