‘The Voice’ Contestant Wendy Moten Recalls Her Fall During the Show

by Samantha Whidden

Less than a year after her fall while on the stage of NBC’s “The Voice,” Season 21’s runner-up Wendy Moten is now recalling the incident. 

While making an appearance on the Bobby Bones podcast, “The Voice” star spoke about what happened on the show’s stage. “Ok, so this is the night. It’s the song that we do with your coach. And we were the last, I think. It was three contestants left on Team Blake, and so it’s time to do our number, and then you have to get to your spot. And all I’m thinking is, I got to get to my next spot, and I fell over the monitor. Just didn’t see it.”

“The Voice” alum further stated that she was too late after getting back up. “It was just a perfect storm,” she recalled. When asked what she hit, she replied it was the monitor. “So when I fell, I fell over the monitor, and I looked over, and my elbow, it was broken. I was like, oh wow. That’s what something broken looks like. On live TV. I’m a meme. I told you. I’m famous.”

In regards to whether or not she cried after the incident, “The Voice” former contestant added, “No, I didn’t.”

‘The Voice’ Star Wendy Moten Talks Potential Collaboration With Blake Shelton 

During a recent interview with NBC Insider, Wendy Moten spoke about a potential collaboration with “The Voice” coach, Blake Shelton. “Blake mentioned he wanted to record [with] me, and I was like, ‘This is on camera, we have evidence.’”

While revealing more details about her time on “The Voice,” Moten said she just wanted to have fun and live in the moment. “Everything you’ve dreamt about, this is the time to do it. Because you’re gonna be under a microscope in front of millions of people, and it’s the best vehicle you’ll ever have, even after you get record deals or you write the greatest song ever. You’ll never get the type of exposure you’re gonna get being on a show like this.”

As she spoke about competing on “The Voice” with a younger crowd of contestants, Moten stated that it was Shelton’s loyal and “very specific advice” that help her sustain her confidence. “I wasn’t sure I could handle it. I wasn’t sure if I could compete with these youngsters. What I loved about Blake was he knew that I had a lot of experience. He also was not trying to change me. If anything, he was encouraging me to trust my instincts.”

Moten went on to add that after she fell, Shelton still kept the same momentum. “I never saw doubt or anything that would make me feel like I couldn’t stay on. I always saw the fire inside, and I thanked him for sticking with me.”