Tim Allen’s ‘The Santa Clauses’ Series First Look Revealed: PHOTO

by Craig Garrett

Tim Allen is returning to his iconic 1990s role as the Santa Claus for Disney+, but this time he’s not alone… The official Twitter account for Disney+ recently dropped the first image for the upcoming series headlined by Tim Allen. The image features the main cast, with Allen centerstage.

The image includes other cast members like newcomer to the franchise, comic actor Kal Penn. The new series title reveals that Allen might not be the only Santa in town. Officially called The Santa Clauses, the series is set to debut later this year, just in time for the Holidays. Allen is also joined by Elizabeth Mitchell, returning as Mrs. Claus. New to the franchise is Elizabeth Allen-Dick as Tim Allen’s daughter in the series. Coincidentally, Allen-Dick is Tim’s real-life daughter, making the series a family affair.

In the new series, Tim Allen returns as Scott Calvin, the part he played in the 3 feature The Santa Clause films. On the brink of his 65th birthday, Calvin finds himself facing a crisis. Not only is Calvin slowing down a bit, he realizes his family would benefit from time away from the North Pole. Deciding he and his family should join the real world, Calvin sets out to find a new candidate to wear the red suit.

Tim Allen’s return as the Santa Clause is long overdue

The Santa Clause franchise has been extremely successful. The original 1994 film was a box office hit and helped solidify Tim Allen as more than just a tv star. It was followed by two sequels in 2002 and 2006. Since nearly twenty years have passed since the last installment, nostalgic fans are clamoring for more. In recent years, belated sequels to beloved franchises like Star Wars and Top Gun have performed extremely well. It’s no wonder Disney is returning to the Santa Clause well.

Though playing Santa Clause did wonders for Tim Allen’s career, there was a downside. Wearing the padded suit was no holiday, the actor told E! News in 2018. “There is no way to get around how uncomfortable that is,” the actor said. “I’m there three hours before everybody and that takes a good, good hour and a half to get out of it. I overhear [studio execs say] he can’t be in that any more than six hours because your skin doesn’t breathe. And you get these sores all over you,” the actor explained. Allen claimed studio execs were not too concerned about the sores. “They’ll go away. I hear them arguing in a room. They’ll go away,” the actor joked.

The Santa Clauses will debut on Disney+ later this year.