‘TODAY’ Fans Are Demanding That the Show Fire Savannah Guthrie: Here’s Why

by Emily Morgan

Fans of the “TODAY Show” are done asking that the talk show fire Savannah Guthrie. Instead, they’re taking it one step further, demanding that production fire Guthrie for her recent behavior.

This news comes as she and co-host Hoda Kotb have allegedly been going at it, feuding behind the scenes for the past several months.

Viewers have scrutinized their on-air behavior after the two reunited on the show this week. In the past, they’ve called out Guthrie for her rude behavior to her co-hosts. Now fans are demanding she gets fired.

While watching the show on Tuesday, one disgruntled fan wrote online: “Why is Savannah just so rude all the time…”

Another slammed at the 50-year-old co-host: “You treat Hoda, Carson Daly, Craig Melvin, and everyone else on the show like s**t.” They added, “Stop interrupting people and being rude. You ain’t all that. You need to go.”

A third chimed in, writing via Twitter that the show used to be their “favorite morning show,” but it has since become “hard to watch.”

“I’m so sick of Savannah Guthrie being rude, loud, always interrupting and talking over everyone,” the Twitter user added. “Love everyone on the show but she needs to GO!”

A fourth wrote: “Savannah is rude and disrespectful just to be heard.” The viewer added that they couldn’t “even watch anymore because” of the rumored feud between Guthrie and Kotb.

While viewers believe that Guthrie interrupts too much on the show, they pointed out an awkward moment when she did so last week with co-host Carson Daly.

Source reveals details behind Savannah Guthrie’s feud with Hoda Kotb

After she interrupted him, he gave the camera a dirty look as she cut him off as he tried to give his monologue for the day. Fans have even gone so far as to threaten to boycott the show unless Guthrie is fired or she changes her behavior.

While Guthrie and Kotb appear cordial on TV, a source recently revealed that the co-hosts “can’t stand each other.”

The source also added that Savannah Guthrie “thinks of herself as a real news person,” while Kotb is known as the “the lightweight that drank wine with Kathy Lee Gifford.”

Amid the drama between the two, fans also pointed out an awkward interaction between them during a recent broadcast.

Guthrie looked irritated as her co-host made a joke about her during a segment on how to “stay safe and cool” this summer.

“Ok, Savannah’s excited about this one,” Kotb said as she pointed to the tip of sleeping naked while sleeping.

“No, I’m not,” Guthrie fired back, while Kotb responded by saying, “That’s not what I heard. I heard that she liked it.” Guthrie rolled her eyes at Kotb and told her: “You know that I hate nakedness!”

Kotb kept the awkwardness going when she turned back to her co-host for another comment. “You don’t need to be embarrassed, Savannah, it’s OK. It’s really good, it’s really OK.”

Guthrie looked incredibly uncomfortable, despite trying to fake a smile. “Great segment! Awkward Hoda and Savannah moment, though,” one fan noted after it was all over.