‘TODAY’ Host Hoda Kotb Opens Up About Her Failed Relationship Amid Reported Feud With Savannah Guthrie

by Sean Griffin

Hoda Kotb, TODAY show host, recently opened up about her failed relationship. Kotb has made headlines lately for her involvement in a feud with co-host Savannah Guthrie.

When talking about her former husband, financier Joel Schiffman, she praised him and said she provided her with the stability necessary to pursue forming her own family.

Hoda Kotb acknowledges that she’s had an interesting path to motherhood.

However, back in 2007, Kotb was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was forced to undergo a mastectomy and also required reconstructive surgery.

The arduous procedure, plus her age, meant freezing her eggs was a “dead-end.” The TV star, who had longed to be a mother, was incredibly upset.

She told Good Housekeeping, “I was in my room and I just sobbed. I thought, ‘Well, that’s that, isn’t it?’ Like, you almost blame yourself. ‘Why didn’t I do this? Why didn’t I do that?'”

The host continued. “So I just pushed it away, because the reality seemed impossible to bear. How do you survive knowing you can’t have what you desire and what you feel like you actually physically need?”

However, while working through the sadness of infertility, she began dating Joel out of the public eye. Their relationship went public in 2015, and they eventually adopted their first child, Haley. Haley is now five years old.

At 53, Kotb decided to create her dream family, and she says she owes that to Joel and one unlikely source: Sandra Bullock.

Hoda said: “I don’t think I would’ve adopted if it hadn’t been for Joel.”

She elaborated. “Having a stable relationship in that moment was really important. Once that fell into place, it didn’t seem as scary to me.”

Then, she revealed she drew inspiration from Sandra Bullock’s adoption story and felt a “weird connection to her.”

Hoda Kotb Opens Up About Adoption

The Today co-host then added that she called her first daughter. “When I had made the decision to adopt and was on the plane to pick up my [first] daughter, I called her again.”

“She said, ‘It’s about to begin!’ Sometimes all you need is a model before [you realize], I can handle it.”

Later, Hoda and Joel went on to welcome a second adopted daughter, Hope. They adopted her in April 2019, and she is now three-years-old.

The couple got engaged in 2019; however, they announced a mutual breakup on the TODAY show back in January 2022.

At the time, she told viewers, “Joel and I have had a lot of prayerful and meaningful conversations over the holidays and we decided that we are better as friends and parents than we are as an engaged couple.”

“So we decided we are going to start this new year on our new path as loving parents to our adorably delightful children and as friends.”

Her candid comments on parenthood come as loyal fans of the TODAY believe everything is not as it seems. Most believe co-anchor Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are ensnared in a bitter feud.

The pair have allegedly been clashing behind the scenes for months. Viewers have noticed a lack of companionship on air like in previous years.