‘TODAY’ Host Leaves Fans Stunned Over Inappropriate Hand Gesture on Live TV

by Caitlin Berard

Talk shows are known for their family-friendly nature. Though the kids probably aren’t begging to watch Jimmy Kimmel or Good Morning America, they’re usually safe options to put on the TV while they’re in the room.

That said, accidents happen. From embarrassingly vulgar tongue twisters to unexpected explosive arguments, television hosts and newscasters are only human and bound to make a mistake now and then.

One such mistake was made in a recent segment on the TODAY Show when host Sam Brock accidentally gave Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin, and all the viewers at home the middle finger.

It all started when Savannah Guthrie introduced a segment about the size of airplane seats. Hota Kotb then introduced NBC New Correspondent Sam Brock. “Five-foot-six Sam Brock joins us from Miami International Airport with the details. Big stretch – six-five,” Hoda corrected.

“Flip it. Six-five. Yes, I am tall. That is part of this story as well,” Sam responded with a chuckle.

Unfortunately, before Sam Brock began his reply, he unconsciously held up his middle finger, making it appear as though he giving Hoda Kotb a rude hand gesture for teasing him. He quickly added another finger, however, remedying the situation.

Fans Resurface an NSFW Clip from the ‘TODAY Show’

The TODAY Show has been around for 70 seasons and amassed a catalog of more than 18 thousand episodes. As such, it’s not at all surprising that the middle finger snafu was just the most recent in a long line of NSFW incidents, whether accidental or on purpose.

To illustrate this point, fans recently resurfaced a 2013 clip of Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford having an on-air conversation that would make anyone blush. In the clip, TODAY Show hosts Hoda and Kathie are leading a segment in which they discuss “what your grooming says about you,” and the conversation quickly turns…indelicate.

“I have friends who like landing strips and some of you are in this room right now and that’s just wrong,” Kathie began.

“If you’re a girl who has a landing strip, you’re the kind of girl who never has to pay for a date. You’ll attempt things you know you’re going to be successful at,” Hoda replied. “Now if you do bald – and there are people who do – you never do anything halfway. Your dishwasher is perfect. You’re OCD.”

“Which one are you, missy?” Kathie asked her fellow TODAY Show host with a laugh.

“I’m the landing strip,” Hoda Kotb declared in response, sparking raucous laughter throughout the set. “You asked and I answered,” she said.

“Hoda just told the whole world she has a landing strip,” Kathie Lee Gifford said in disbelief. “These things live on in infamy, Hoda!”

And live on, it did. Nearly a decade later, the clip is easily accessible via the internet and resurfaces now and then when TODAY Show fans are looking for a laugh.