‘TODAY Show’ Fans Are Coming Unglued After Savannah Guthrie No-Shows Again

by Megan Molseed

While Today Show hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb may appear to get along while on the air, recent events suggest that the hosts’ rumored feud is far from over. And, Savannah Guthrie’s most recent absences certainly seem to be punctuating this idea.

After each one of the Today Show hosts took turns being absent from the popular morning TV news show – following a decidedly awkward encounter – fans were happy to see the two reunite this week. However, this reunion was short-lived as Guthrie was yet again missing from her post behind the Today Show hosting desk for Wednesday’s edition. And, fans were quick to react to this apparent snub, blasting Guthrie once again for her recent no-shows.

Today Show Fans Are Not Pleased After Savannah Guthrie Pulls Another No-Show

For months now, fans of NBC’s Today Show have been hearing reports that two of the morning news show’s hosts, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, are in the midst of a major feud. And, recent absences by both hosts have further fueled these rumors.

However, the pair were back together again this week…but only briefly as Guthrie yet again takes a break from the weekday morning show during Wednesday’s broadcast. And, fans are quick to note the absence on social media.

“And @SavannahGuthrie is MIA today on @TODAYshow,” one fan notes of Guthrie’s Wednesday absence while adding a thinking face emoji to the comment.

“Okaaayyyy… ” writes another fan. “@SavannahGuthrie is taking ‘another’ day off.” This commenter adds that it seems like forever since the two Today Show hosts worked a ” full 2 weeks together.”

This viewer adds that there is “absolutely ZERO consistency with the show.”

Fans agree that with the recent absences, there has been very little consistency on the popular and long-running NBC morning news show. One fan notes that they are “confused” every time they watch the Today Show.

“I’m so confused every time I watch it,” the fan says. “There’s always a different combination of people!”

Another Today Show viewer went sarcastic, inquiring as to whether or not “Savannah Guthrie actually work[s] at Today.”

“She’s off more than she’s there,” the fan says. “Can’t even remember the last time all 4 of your regulars were there together.”

Is Guthrie’s Behavior Rubbing Her Cohosts – And Fans – The Wrong Way?

One Today Show watcher notes that Guthrie has been harder and harder to watch in recent months, adding that they “can’t stand @SavannahGuthrie anymore.”

The fan adds that they “used to like her ok,” however, the host has begun to rub them the wrong way in recent years. “I can’t stand to even hear her voice,” the Today Show fan adds.  

“I’m w/ @hodakotb all the way,” another viewer declares.

“She’s more real,” the comment continues. “[G]enuine, true to herself & not near cringy like Savannah.”