‘Today Show’ Fans Rip Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb Amid Rumors of Reported Feud

by Samantha Whidden

As rumors continue to circulate about the alleged feud between Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, “Today Show” fans are reportedly ripping into the morning show’s co-hosts. 

The Sun reports that after her absence on Wednesday (July 27th), Guthrie returned to the “Today Show” on Thursday (July 28th) and fans are now wondering if she and Kotb are unable to co-host for a full week anymore. However, while she was absent this week, fans also noted that Guthrie has been taking off from the show a lot over the past few weeks. They further slammed the co-host for the “lack of consistency” in her appearances on the morning show and called the situation “confusing.”

Whatever is going on between Guthrie and Kotb is definitely noticeable. Following the airing of “Today Show” on Thursday, fans took to Twitter to speculate what was going on between the co-hosts. “What’s up with the eat s— looks on [Hoda Kotb] and side eyes at [Savannah Guthrie]?” One fan asked.

Another fan called out both “Today Show” co-hosts for their on-air behavior. “Not really sure what the issue is with Hoda [and] Savannah but you ladies are adults, not squabbling children. Get back to the normal Today family vibe or I’m switching to GMA – you ladies are better than what is coming through on TV!”

A source recently stated that while the “Today Show” co-hosts appear to be cordial on camera, they actually cannot stand each other. This is rumored to be due to how each host approaches the morning show’s program. With Guthrie viewing herself as a “real news person” while Kotb is a “lightweight” anchor. 

Despite Recent Feud Rumors, Savannah Guthrie Says She Supports Her ‘Today Show’ Co-Host Hoda Kotb 

Although there is an alleged feud going on between her and Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie recently stated that she supports her “Today Show” co-host. 

When asked about Kotb replacing Matt Lauer in 2017 over inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace, Guthrie notably has nothing but praise for her co-host. The two have been on the show together since then. “All I know was in that moment, it felt like I could drown if Hoda hadn’t reached down and grabbed my hand,” Guthrie stated while recalling Lauer’s removal from the show. 

“I will always say she saved the show full stop,” Guthrie contained. “And holding hands with her and being like, ‘We’re going to do this together,’ meant everything to me. I don’t think I had the confidence by myself.”

In regards to her “female partnership” with Kotb, Guthrie went on to add, “It’s wonderful to have a female partnership, but to me, to have this friend and cheerleader and partner, and I really feel that from her, and I hope we share that.”