‘Today Show:’ Here’s Why Savannah Guthrie Has Been Absent

by Taylor Cunningham

Savannah Guthrie has been clocking a surprising number of personal days as feud rumors surround her and her Today Show co-star Hoda Kotb. But the absences reportedly have nothing to do with the on-screen tensions.

The 50-year-old has instead been dedicating more time to her two children, Vale and Charles, during their summer break. As Guthrie revealed on her Instagram account, she has recently taken her kids to a water park and a local fair. And both adventures kept her away from the series for a week.

While it’s not uncommon for Today Show anchors to take extended vacations, this particular hiatus raised flags for viewers when Kobt and Carson Daly seemed to snub Guthrie during her time off.

Guthrie Mocked By Co-Host While Enjoying a Week Off

The two made jabs at their missing co-star during the Pop Start segment on Aug 24, which highlighted Savannah Guthrie’s exclusive in The Home Edit magazine. Guthrie’s kitchen earned a spread in an upcoming edition. And it led to some mockery.

First, Daly gave a sneak peek at the issue’s cover and a few of the photos included in the spread.

“Inside, you can check out how the team was able to make Savannah’s kitchen more cooking-friendly,” Carson shared. “And find fresh tips and tricks to help organize your home.”

Once the camera returned to the anchors, they began chatting about Guthrie.

“S.G. is a legit cook now,” said Craig Melvin. ” If your kitchen’s featured in a magazine, you’re legit.”

The comment threw Kobt into a fit of laughter. And in between the guffaws, she quietly asked, “does that mean you have talent?”

Daly then jumped in and mocked Guthrie by saying, “yeah, she uses knives and stuff. She knows where they are.”

Al Roker even joined in off-camera, yelling, “Yeah, she’s boiling water… look out!”

‘Today Show’ Hosts Can’t Shake the Feud Rumors

Of course, the comments were under more scrutiny since they came during the ongoing feud rumors. Allegations that Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kobt secretly despise each other began circling earlier this summer after the two shared some awkward moments on the air. And then they went into overdrive when sources came forward claiming that the two were in an all-out power battle behind the scenes.

Since then, everything the hosts have said or done has been dissected on social media, and despite both Guthrie and Kobt’s attempts to put the rumors to rest, fans won’t stop speculating.

Recently, Libby Leist, SVP of the Today Show, went on the record to add her side of the story.

“Savannah and Hoda together guided the Today Show through its darkest time, they bolstered the entire TODAY show staff when it was needed most. And they are each other’s biggest supporters. These two women have achieved so much together, ” she told Page Six. “In 2022, that should be the focus — not a made-up ‘catfight’ manufactured for clickbait.”