‘TODAY Show’: Hoda Kotb Posts Cryptic Quote Amid Apparent Tension With Savannah Guthrie

by Megan Molseed

The Today Show host Hoda Kotb is getting cryptic on her social media as tensions between her and cohost Savannah Guthrie appear to continue to grow. The recent post, shared by the host on her Instagram page, speaks to the “power of silence.” It also comes as Gutherie’s absence from the popular morning TV news show continues to rile Today Show fans up.

In the Monday post, Kotb posts a Confucius quote, noting that “Destruction has noise, but creation is quiet.” The Today Show anchor’s message continues on to say that “This is the power of silence,” before noting the importance of growing “silently.”

Hoda Kotb captions this famous saying with good Monday wishes…along with a possible dose of shade. In her caption, Kotb writes “Happy [M]onday!” Before tossing in a cryptic “Thx” with the tag “@peacefulmindpeacefullife.”

Sources Hint Towards A Behind-The-Scenes Feud Between Hoda And Savannah

To the casual viewer, Today Show hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb may appear to be cordial on camera. However, it has been revealed by some sources that these two actually can’t “stand each other.”

This source has noted that the way the two hosts approach the popular morning news program has a lot to do with this feud. Savannah Guthrie views herself more as “a real news person.”

However, Kotb is known among fans as the “lightweight” anchor that “drank wine with Kathy Lee Gifford.”

The Today Show Anchors Savannah Guthrie And Hoda Kotb Share An Awkward Moment On Air

During one recent Today Show episode, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb had an awkward on-screen moment when one of Kotb’s jokes did not sit well with Guthrie. The segment, which was covering tips for how to “stay safe and cool” this summer had an unusual suggestion, noting that sleeping sans clothes or PJs is a good way to stay cool during the summer months.

“Ok, Savannah’s excited about this one,” Kotb says in response to this tip.

“No, I’m not,” Guthrie fires back, almost immediately. Kotb took things even a little further, responding to her cohost with “That’s not what I heard.” Before addressing the audience saying “I heard that she liked it.”

Guthrie’s eye roll says it all as she responds to Kotb, telling her that she hates “nakedness.” However, Kotb wasn’t going to drop this anytime soon. She tells her Today Show cohost “You don’t need to be embarrassed, Savannah.”

“It’s OK,” she tells her. “It’s really good, it’s really OK.”

As the segment wraps up, it appears Guthrie is well past uncomfortable, but she continues to flash her smile.