‘Today Show’ Host Hoda Kotb Shares Photo With Extended Family Amid Reported Feud With Savannah Guthrie

by Samantha Whidden

While an alleged feud continues between her and her “Today Show” co-host Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb shared a snapshot with her extended family. 

“Gangs all here! Xo,” the “Today Show” co-host declares. The snapshot features Kotb and her family, including her daughters, Haley Joy and Hope Catherine, enjoying some quality time together while having a delicious lunch. 

Haley Joy and Hope Catherine are the daughters of the “Today Show” co-star and her former partner Joel Schiffman. The couple was together from 2013 to early 2022. In late January, Kotb announced publicly that she and Schiffman ended their relationship and would focus on co-parenting their children as friends.

While speaking to Us Weekly this past spring, the “Today Show” star opened up about co-parenting with her ex-fiance. “He sees the kids. He takes them to school, and he sees them on weekends. We’ve got a really nice, easy situation. We make sure the kids get plenty of him and plenty of me.”

Kotb also spoke about how she wasn’t really dating at that time. “I think love is a funny thing. Like, your heart has a large capacity and who knows what fills it up. But I think whatever it is, you’ve got to be open and ready.”

‘Today Show’ Co-Host Hoda Kotb Speaks About Working Mom Struggles 

In August 2018, “Today Show” co-host Hoda Kotb spoke about the struggles she deals with when it comes to being a working mom. 

“My mom was a working mom and she never said, ‘Mommy wishes she could be home,’” Kotb recalled. “I want Haley to know you can be a loving mom and also be a multifaceted person. Would I like to spend every waking second with her? Yes. But I also know that to be happy, you have to have other things you enjoy. I want her to know work is a good thing if that’s what she wants to do.”

When asked what was the hardest adjustment as a mom, Kotb noted, “My whole life, my career has been riding shotgun with me. But now, with Haley, it feels like, for the first time, I can see clearly. I understand my purpose. I understand why I’m on this earth. All of a sudden, the most exciting part of the day is after work when I’m holding her. Not when I’m interviewing someone, even if it’s Beyonce!”

However, she does admit there are some downsides to not being around as much as she wants to be. “When you wait so long for something, you don’t want to miss anything. Inevitably, I do. I come home and my babysitter or my boyfriend says, ‘You are not going to believe what happened!’ But I also her to know I enjoy work.”