‘TODAY Show’ Host Savannah Guthrie Posts Sweet Birthday Tribute to Her Daughter

by Chris Piner

Since January of 1952, The Today Show welcomed viewers with updates on current events, world news, and the latest trends coming from Hollywood. With 70 years in the broadcasting business, The Today Show currently sits as the fifth longest-running show in the United States. And throughout that time, there have been numerous hosts like the original Dave Garroway. Being the creation of executive producer Sylvester Weaver, the morning television show dominated the network until the 80s when Good Morning America premiered. With the show’s legacy continuing, it appears there might be trouble brewing between Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. 

For weeks, reports circulated that both Savannah Guthrie and co-anchor, Hoda Kotb, might not be the best of friends as they portray on television. Most recently, Guthrie detailed on social media how she overslept and only arrived at the studio 20 minutes before it went live. Rumors quickly sprouted about how her tardiness was deliberate, showing NBC “who is the real boss.”

While neither anchor commented on the rumors, Guthrie shared a post on Instagram, celebrating her daughter’s 8th birthday by taking a step into the past. Not engaging the press, Guthrie appears focused on moving forward and celebrating what matters most – family.  

Sources Reportedly Claim Guthrie’s Tardiness Is A Power Move

While never losing her focus when it comes to family, a source within The Today Show explained how Savannah Guthrie documenting her lateness was a power move. “This would never happen. She is literally the $40 million dollar woman. She is showing them who is the boss and that they can’t do the show without her.”

The source explained that “all top NBC talent and execs are like doctors on call.” They added each host has “more devices tracking them than the space shuttle. Savannah simply isn’t allowed to ‘go off the grid’, what if there is breaking news? Producers, assistants, executives, security, hair and makeup people are all waiting for her to arrive. If she’s one minute late, everyone would notice. If she’s 10 minutes late, it’s CODE RED.”

Senior Vice President Says Today Show Cast Stronger Than Ever

Another source stepped forward, also detailing the tensions between Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, stating,  “Savannah and Hoda are very tense around each other.” The source continued, “When they come outside into the square, everyone is chanting Hoda’s name, Hoda is the bigger star. Savannah believes she is the real news anchor, she’s a creature of Washington, she loves politics, she has the reporting and interviewing chops.”

Trying their best to clear the air, Libby Leist, the Senior Vice President of The Today Show even released a statement. “Savannah and Hoda together guided the TODAY show through its darkest time, they bolstered the entire TODAY show staff when it was needed most, and they are each other’s biggest supporters. These two women have achieved so much together.” He deemed the current rumors to be nothing but “clickbait”.