‘TODAY Show’ Insiders Speak Out About Savannah Guthrie’s Recent Mishap

by Taylor Cunningham

The Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb drama is getting thicker as the stars reportedly battle off-screen. And Guthrie’s suspicious missed episode this week has insiders saying that she’s making some power moves to get NBC and the Today Show on her side.

On Thursday, August 11, Guthrie nearly failed to appear on the show, which sent NBC into hysterics because her co-host Kotb was on vacation. Guthrie claimed she accidentally overslept, and she arrived at the studio only 20 minutes before she was due on live TV. Fortunately, “miracle workers” prepared her just in time. And Guthrie made it on the air.

Though the story sounds plausible, TV insiders believe the incident was actually an attempt to show NBC that it needs her and to prove that she is in charge.

“She is showing them who is the boss and that they can’t do the show without her,” one insider told Page Six. “When Savannah doesn’t show up for work, the entire force of NBC News is dispatched to find out where she is.”

The ‘Today Show’ Has ‘More Devices Tracking’ Guthrie ‘Than the Space Shuttle’

The source continued to share that missing work is impossible for someone as senior as Savannah Guthrie. High-ranking newscasters are always on call and ready to report top stories. Because of that, “all top NBC talent and execs are like doctors on call,” and they’re equipped with “more devices tracking them than the space shuttle.”

“Savannah simply isn’t allowed to ‘go off the grid,’ what if there is breaking news?” they continued.

Guthrie arrives at The Today Show at 4 am every weekday morning. When she walks in the door, crew members are already waiting to prep her for the day. Simply being one minute late would throw everyone into a panic. And if she were merely 10 minutes late, the producers would call a “CODE RED.”

The source shared that NBC even has tabs on Guthrie’s driver. And the second she gets into the car, they get a call with her estimated time of arrival.

“There is always a morning meeting ahead of the show,” they added. “And if she isn’t there at that point, we’re talking about staff in hysterics and someone being called to break down her door.”

Another insider claimed that the feud is all about competition. And Guthrie feels that she needs to claim her position with The Today Show. In her eyes, she is the leading news anchor because she served as NBC’s White House correspondent. But Hoda Kotb is more popular with fans. So that has caused a streak of jealousy.

When they are around each other, the two are allegedly “very tense.” And when the producers moved Hoda to the first hour, Guthrie “flipped out.”

“When they come outside into the square, everyone is chanting Hoda’s name,” the second source said. “Hoda is the bigger star. Savannah believes she is the real news anchor. She’s a creature of Washington, she loves politics, she has the reporting and interviewing chops.”