‘TODAY Show’s Jenna Bush Hager Gets Pushed Away By Justin Sylvester After Getting Too Close: WATCH

by Megan Molseed

Body language became the talk of the internet when TV host Justin Sylvester stepped onto the Today Show set with host Jenna Bush Hager the other day. On a Wednesday, August 10 episode of the hit NBC morning news show, Today host Jenna Bush Hager and Justin Sylvester were welcoming a chef guest onto the morning show to make some sticky roast chicken. However, things got a little sticky between the hosts when it appears that Sylvester pushes Bush Hager away after she gets too close in the clip.

Did Justin Sylvester Give Jenna Bush Hager The Brush-Off During A Today Show Cooking Segment?

During the Wednesday episode of Today, it appears to fans that Sylvester is determined to set boundaries between himself and cohost Jenna Bush Hager during a cooking segment. While receiving instructions for the sticky roast chicken dish, Bush Hager stepped forward, patting Sylvester on his shoulders. However, Sylvester quickly leaned away.

The situation got extra sticky when Jenna Bush Hager didn’t budge a bit after this personal space cue. Instead, she got even closer, moving an arm onto Justin Sylvester’s shoulders. That’s when Sylvester goes full-on obvious, pushing the host away with one arm.

Today Show Fans Sound Off After Apparent Live TV Diss

Shortly after the incident, fans of the popular NBC morning news show took to Instagram to comment on the clip. Many noting that Jenna Bush Hager wasn’t being respectful of her cohost’s personal space. Some commented that Bush Hager’s inability to keep her hands off of Sylvester was “not cool at all.” Others advised the host to “keep her hands to herself.”

“He literally defined his personal space,” one commenter notes.

“[A]nd she forced herself into it,” the Today Show fan continues of the awkward situation.

Another fan notes that Sylvester was “clearly uncomfortable,” with the encounter. The commenter notes that before the obvious incident, Sylvester had been “trying to push her off politely.”

Justin Sylvester Clarifies What Was Actually Happening During The Now Viral Clip

On Friday, Justin Sylvester took to his Instagram page to note that Jenna Bush Hager was not invading his personal space during the segment. In fact, the host says, there was an entirely different reason for his move when he is seen on camera ever so slightly pushing Jenna to the side.

“That’s not actually the truth,” Sylvester explains of the awkward incident, while also calling Bush Hager the “nicest” person.

“What we were doing was we were both flirting,” the host clarifies.

“Well, I was flirting with the chef because he was cute,” Sylvester adds. “And I was pushing her out of the way so I could have a one-on-one moment with the chef.”