‘TODAY Show’: Savannah Guthrie’s ‘Goodbye’ Post Has Fans Weighing in

by Shelby Scott

For weeks, TODAY Show hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb have reportedly been locked in a behind-the-scenes feud that, on occasion, seems to spill onscreen. A new “goodbye” post on the former’s Instagram now has fans weighing in with their thoughts regarding the end of summer, as well as on the rumors that Guthrie is leaving the show due to the ongoing feud.

In the post, which you can see below, Guthrie (50) shared sweet family photos of her children, Vale and Charles, who donned patriotic bathing suits during one of their final summertime celebrations. The TODAY Show host wrote in the caption, “goodbye sweet summer.”

Most of the TV star’s fans shared happy thoughts and well-wishes, happy to see Savannah Guthrie spending so much time with her children.

“They grow up so fast,” one follower wrote, “soak in every moment.”

Others wrote “Have lots of fun” and “Boy are they cute.”

However, other TODAY Show fans addressed Guthrie’s frequent absences from the morning talk show.

“Miss you on Today!” one fan wrote. Guthrie’s summertime farewell came after she posted on Twitter last week that she would be taking time off from the TODAY Show, enjoying “the last few days of summer this week.”

Per The U.S. Sun, Guthrie, who is normally extremely active on social media, has been relatively quiet in the days following the tweet. Truthfully, that could simply be because she’s spending extra time with family. However, others believe it’s a sign that the rumors about Savannah Guthrie’s supposed departure are true.

Savannah Guthrie Slammed By ‘TODAY Show’ Cohosts Amid Absence

Whether or not Savannah Guthrie is actually leaving the TODAY Show, it appears her cohosts, including Al Roker and Carson Daly, not to mention Hoda Kotb, are reveling in her absence.

At the end of last week, while Savannah Guthrie was off spending time with family, Kotb, Carson, and Roker got into a fun discussion regarding Guthrie’s latest feature in The Home Edit magazine. The feature specifically highlighted the TODAY Show host’s kitchen and it’s that fact that ignited a string of not-so-nice comments against Savannah Guthrie.

In speaking about the issue, the TODAY Show‘s Carson Daly said, “Inside, you can check out how the team was able to make Savannah’s kitchen more cooking-friendly.” Craig Melvin added, “S.G. is a legit cook now. If your kitchen’s featured in a magazine, you’re legit.”

Laughing, Guthrie’s apparent rival, Hoda Kotb, joked, “does that mean you have talent?”

Roker, at the end of the discussion, yelled from the side, “Yeah, she’s boiling water…look out!”

The TODAY Show cohosts’ jabs at Savannah Guthrie could just as well be an innocent quip about their colleague’s cooking skills, as we’ve all been known, from time to time, to poke fun at our friends. However, amid the women’s ongoing feud, the little jokes don’t seem as innocent.