‘TODAY Show’s Hoda Kotb Posts Cryptic Message Amid Alleged Savannah Guthrie Feud

by Megan Molseed

TODAY Show host Hoda Kotb is sharing a message for fans, highlining the importance of timing. However, some of the morning show anchor’s Insta followers can’t help but wonder…is this message a cryptic comment about regarding the very public feud between the TV host and fellow morning show host Savannah Guthrie?

Hoda Kotb Shares Message About Timing & Trust After Taking Break From Morning Show Duties

Hoda Kotb shared an inspirational message with her Instagram fans this weekend, however, some wonder if the message wasn’t a cryptic comment meant for her TODAY Show cohost Savannah Guthrie. The message, which was posted Sunday reads simply: “Trust the timing of your life.”

The longtime TV host then adds a caption sending a “Happy [S]unday” message to her followers. Fans were quick to comment on the inspirational phrase, one commenting with a thankful response to the inspirational post.

“Needed this today, thank you,” the commenter notes. “Sunday inspiration from such a special lady!” another one of Kotb’s Instagram followers comments.

Insiders Detail Tensions Between TODAY Show Hosts Hoda Kotb And Savannah Guthrie

Rumors claiming that Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie secretly “can’t stand each other” hit social media earlier this summer. One TODAY Show insider has claimed that Savannah Guthrie is “the boss.”

This source claims that Guthrie took over the reins at the popular morning news program a few years ago. This move occurred, notes the source, once Matt Lauer stepped away from his hosting duties following sexual abuse allegations.

Additionally, Guthrie had hoped to put Willy Geist into the cohosting seat. However, Geists’ ratings weren’t pulling in enough viewers, leading to the network’s decision to keep Hoda in the spot.

“Savannah is the boss,” the insider claims.

“After Matt Lauer was ousted, Savannah grabbed power,” the source continues.

“She really wanted Willy Geist in Hoda’s role, but his ratings were just not up to par for the network.” 

Then, the insider says, Hoda Kotb stepped in and “outmaneuvered Savannah” to get the spot.

The TODAY Staff Chooses Sides in Reported Hoda/Savannah Dispute

According to reports via The Sun, members of the TODAY Show staff have chosen sides in the reported dispute between the morning show hosts. And, it seems, the staff much prefers Hoda over Savannah.

According to reports, a source notes that Hoda Kotb is the “favorite” among the staff, noting that she is “so warm and friendly” both on and off the TODAY Show cameras. The source notes that Hoda is a “great mentor off-camera.”