‘TODAY Show’s Hoda Kotb Posts Message to Kathie Lee Gifford Amid Reported Savannah Guthrie Tension

by Taylor Cunningham

TODAY Show’s fourth-hour anchor Hoda Kotb is thinking about her former co-host Kathie Lee Gifford as her feud with Savannah Guthrie intensifies.

Kotb celebrated her 58th birthday on Tuesday, August 9th. And among her many well-wishes on Twitter, was a message from her long-time friend and colleague Gifford.

“Sending love and deepest affection to my beloved @hodakotb on her birthday,” she wrote alongside a photo of the two on the Today Show set. “Missing her every day.”

That same day, Kotb re-tweeted the tribute and added her own message.

“Miss you too Kath, ” she penned before adding a heart emoji.

And in the comments, many fans are sharing the same feelings.

“Happy for you [Kathie] but miss you and Hoda together, ” wrote ohiogirl711. “I can’t watch anymore – Jenna is nice but just not you.

The ‘Today Show’ Feud Continues Despite the Hosts’ Efforts to Prove a Genuine Friendship

While the words may simply mean that the two hosts are reflecting on their time together, they come as Kotb and her new co-host, Savanna Guthrie, are struggling with a rumored feud that may be making their on-screen work difficult to enjoy.

The rumors, however, are based on pure speculation after a source came forward and told The Sun that the two can’t stand each other.

“Savannah is the boss,” the source claimed. “After Matt Lauer was ousted, Savannah grabbed power, and she really wanted Willy Geist in Hoda’s role. But his ratings were just not up to par for the network.” 

Following that report, viewers couldn’t help but notice that Kotb and Guthrie did seem to have chemistry while anchoring The Today Show. But once the source come forward, everything changed. The once pleasant duo became noticeably awkward. And then, they began spending less and less time together on-screen.

For months, the feud has been a constant source of gossip. And while the hosts have made efforts to prove that they have a friendship with each other by posting photos and comments about each other on social media, they haven’t directly addressed the matter to the public.

Hoda Kotb’s birthday was one such example. Along with the message from Kathie Lee Gifford’s Twitter message was a tender tribute on Instagram from Savanna Guthrie.

In the post, Guthrie added four photos of the two sharing sweet moments together. One candid picture captures a hug between the hosts. And the remaining three show the hosts laughing and smiling for the camera.

“She is our sunshine,” the TODAY Show host wrote alongside a series of adorable pictures of herself and Hoda. “Happy birthday, Hoda Kotb!!!”