‘TODAY Show’s Hoda Kotb Reveals New Project Amid Alleged Savannah Guthrie Feud

by Suzanne Halliburton

TODAY Show host Hoda Kotb has a new side project to keep her busy when she’s not on the show.

On Friday, Kotb announced she was lending her voice to “Goodnight Moon.” The long-time TODAY Show host and mother of two young girls will narrate “Goodnight Moon” for an audiobook release. It seems like an obvious move for someone with such a soothing, comforting voice.

Kotb announced her new project during Friday’s TODAY Show. And fellow co-host Craig Melvin thought the project was a genius idea.

“Here’s the best part,” Melvin said. “You can wake up with Hoda [on the TODAY Show], and Hoda’s gonna help you put your kids to bed at night, as well.”

Kotb said she’s loved reading the classic, which has been a part of a child’s bedtime routine since 1947.

“When I first saw “Goodnight Moon” and read it, I thought Wow, what is it about this book that is captivating kids?” Kotb said on Friday’s show. “I realize, it’s everything. It’s a child’s room, it’s a child’s brain and it’s a calming effect that words on a page can have. It’s so powerful that “Goodnight Moon” has sold more than 45 million copies and has been translated into 26 different languages.”

The TODAY Show social media accounts also touted Hoda’s new deal. On Instagram, the popular early morning talk show posted:

“Hoda Kotb is reading bedtime stories! This special, 75th anniversary edition of “Goodnight Moon,” will be released on August 30. You know we’ll be falling asleep to this every night!”

Kotb’s audio book will be released Sept. 13.

Fellow TODAY Show Host Told Kotb She Had ‘Perfect Voice’

With fellow TODAY Show host Savannah Guthrie on vacation, it’s been a quiet week for tabloid rumors. After all, Kotb and Guthrie are allegedly feuding, according to The Sun. You can’t feud with each other on-air if one host is relaxing outside the studio.

Meanwhile, Kotb’s new deal is in partnership with Harper Collins. Margaret Wise Brown wrote the beloved book and had it published in 1947. But it took decades before the children’s book started posting big-time sales. It probably started reaching peak popularity in the 1990s, when total sales reached $4 million.

In the book, a sweet white bunny tells all his favorite things a goodnight. It takes the rabbit about an hour to wish his good nights. The book is like one long poetic lullaby. And Kotb isn’t the only famous narrator. In 1999, Academy-Award winning actress Susan Sarandon narrated a 26-minute video for HBO Family.

And as Craig Melvin told his fellow TODAY Show host, “you’ve got the perfect voice for an audiobook.”