’TODAY Show’s Jenna Bush Hager Can’t Get Over Hoda Kotb’s Wild Swimsuit Stunt

by Shelby Scott

For weeks, TODAY Show fans have noticed a palpable tension between hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. Overall, the two women are credited with heading the morning talk show in the direction that it currently runs. However, recently, Kotb has been embracing her relationship with another of the TODAY Show‘s hosts, Jenna Bush Hager. In a new Instagram post though, Hager and Kotb are sharing a friendly feud of their own. Recalling their polar plunge earlier this year, the former is making fun of the 58-year-old mom of two for her pathetic attempt. See the clip below.

Set to a sped-up version of ABBA’s “Angeleyes,” Kotb and Bush Hager spent time on the TODAY Show reflecting on their plunge. Bush Hager, comically, rolls her eyes in the direction of the audience. Meanwhile, Hoda Kotb laughs at her cohost’s unheard narration. The caption humorously reads, “Summer temperatures continue to soar, and we’re cooling off by remembering the #polarplunge that still has [Jenna Bush Hager] in a tizzy.”

HELLO! magazine reminds us that Bush Hager dove full-body into frigidly cold waters for the polar plunge. Hoda Kotb’s efforts, by comparison, were terribly weak. As seen in the above clip, she runs toward the water as if she plans to dive in with her TODAY Show cohost, but instead, simply ducks her head under the water before running back to the warmth of her coat.

In defense of her weak attempt, Kotb previously said, “It was 16 degrees and freezing. Jenna and I were in bathing suits. We had to go into the ocean. Okay.”

Fans, taking to the comments following the recent post, shared some hysterical reactions.

“Love you Hoda,” one TODAY Show fan declared, “but you did cheat in the Polar Plunge. Now you get to do it again!”

Another fan quipped, “Of course Jenna is still in a tizzy. Hoda cheated big time!!”

Others simply insisted that Kotb’s attempt didn’t even count as a polar plunge.

‘TODAY Show’s Hoda Kotb To Narrate Audio Version of ‘Goodnight Moon’

Goodnight Moon remains one of the most common, beloved, and nostalgic children’s books to this day following its initial release more than half a century ago. Now, though, the publication will see a unique spin as TODAY Show host Hoda Kotb announced that she will lend her voice to an audio version of the iconic piece.

The TV star shared the news on the TODAY Show last Friday and her cohosts, including Craig Melvin, said the new endeavor was genius. Humorously, he added, “Here’s the best part. You can wake up with Hoda [on the TODAY Show], and Hoda’s gonna help you put your kids to bed at night, as well.”

Truthfully, the TODAY Show host’s new endeavor is pretty fitting. Not only does Kotb have a magnetic tone, but as a mom of two young girls, she’s also more than experienced in reading bedtime stories. Fortunately for moms, children, and fans of Goodnight Moon everywhere, the audio version of the beloved publication was released earlier this week, Tuesday, August 30th.