‘Top Chef’ Star Posts Photos of Brutal Facial Injuries From Boating Accident

by Shelby Scott

Renowned Top Chef star Justin Sutherland provided fans with a health update on Sunday after he suffered some brutal injuries over the July 4th weekend. Sutherland had fallen from his boat in an effort to recover his captain’s hat which had blown overboard. In doing so, he had a scary encounter with the boat’s propellor during the holiday celebration. Sutherland’s new photos show his recently-stitched facial lacerations.

As seen in the photos above, the boat’s propellor did a number on the Top Chef star’s face, with stitches lining the side of his nose, trailing across his cheek, and up over his eyelid. However, despite the severity of his injuries—sustaining many lacerations, a broken arm, and a severely broken jaw—Sutherland seems to be in generally good spirits. In fact, the caption following the gruesome photo proves he’s anxious to get things back to normal.

“The pain means you’re alive,” the Top Chef star wrote. “The scars mean you’ve survived.”

Sutherland then shared with fans that he still has a few more surgeries to go, though in putting quotation marks around the word, “few,” he’s likely to endure quite the handful. Following his encounter with the boat propellor, his family revealed he would remain in the hospital for “some time, having had many surgeries so far and facing many more to come.”

As a result of his injuries, the Top Chef star’s family has set up GoFundMe, where they’ve updated fans on his condition.

‘Top Chef’ Fans Share Well-Wishes for Justin Sutherland

Justin Sutherland saw lots of support from Top Chef fans following his Instagram update. The comments section became flooded with well-wishes, with viewers and fellow restauranteurs alike sending positive messages his way.

“Go get em’ my friend!” wrote Jeff Mauro of the Food Network’s The Kitchen. Greg Hutson, host of America’s Best Restaurants, commented, “Sending light and love my brother…..you have so much more to do and share with the world. Grateful that you are still with us.”

Top Chef fans also shared their positive messages for the star.

“Sending you so much love and healing,” one fan wrote beneath the photo. Another said, “Sending you good vibes and ALWAYS cheering you on!”

Others commented that they were relieved to see the Top Chef star in recovery. Several years ago, one of the reality TV series’ contestants was not so lucky. They sadly lost their life in a different vehicular accident.

In September of 2020, Top Chef‘s 2014 contestant, Aaron Grissom, tragically died in a motorcycle accident. A statement from the Pierce County medical examiner revealed the Top Chef contestant had died due to “multiple blunt force injuries.” Grissom was 34 years old at the time of his death. Before making a brief appearance on Top Chef, he had also partnered with Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives starring Guy Fieri.