Topher Grace Posts Perfect Photo Confirming Return as Eric Forman for ‘That 90s Show’

by Joe Rutland

In another sign of the gang’s getting back together for That 90s Show, Topher Grace took to social media on Saturday and shares a photo. Yes, Eric Forman will be part of the show’s cast. That character was made famous by Grace in the old Fox TV show That 70s Show. The updated version is already in the works and fans will be happy to see him returning as well.

‘That 90s Show’ Cast Keeps Taking Shape Thanks To Topher Grace’s Share

This time, though, That 90s Show will be on Netflix and we had another sign about the cast on Saturday. A photo showing Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp as Red and Kitty popped up. They are playing grandparents in this new series. We expect Red to be his usual rather good-natured self in these episodes, too.

One cast member from the old show has been busy in the primetime world. That’s Wilmer Valderrama, who played Fez on That ’70s Show. These days, he’s busy dealing with criminals on NCIS. Will he show up? We will have to wait and see. But it would be cool to see him make a cameo appearance if he’s not going to be a regular.

Danny Masterson played Steven Hyde on the original show. Recently, he commented on social media upon seeing the news that Smith and Rupp would be returning to the revival. “This is literally the dopest thing I’ve heard in a decade,” Masterson writes. “So excited for Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp two of the great humans and greatest actors on the planet. Can’t wait to watch and laugh.”

Laura Prepon Reflects On How She Got the Role of Donna On Old Show

We get a chance to see Leia Foreman, Red and Kitty’s granddaughter, and Eric and Donna’s child, in her adventures. Leia will go to Wisconsin and spend some time in Point Place. She also will be around her grandparents. 

Laura Prepon played Donna on That ’70s Show. She even remembers how she auditioned and won the role. “One of the things that’s really funny is later after I got on the show, I had said to our creators, Bonnie and Terri Turner, ‘What was the thing that made you know that I was Donna?'” Prepon said in an interview. “They said, ‘First of all, when you came in, you just were Donna. You were Donna Pinciotti; you were perfect for her.’

“And at the end of the audition, I looked at them and I said, ‘We good?'” she said. “And I put my hands on the table and I pushed off like a total tomboy. It was just how I got up from my table. They said that sealed the deal.”