Vince Gilligan Speaks on the Possibility of More ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoffs

by Chris Piner

Thanks to the visionary Vince Gilligan, the world of Breaking Bad has continued for 14 years. Starting with the original series on AMC, Breaking Bad, featuring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, quickly became a hit amongst viewers. Given AMC one more hit to add to their list of originals, the show came to an end in 2013 after five thrilling seasons. But while it appeared to be the end for Walter White, the world continued with a television movie and another hit series. Although most writers hope for one hit, Gilligan used the hilarious character Saul Goodman to create another successful series, Better Call Saul. And with its final episode airing on August 15th, fans are wondering if this is the end for the Breaking Bad franchise. 

What The Future Holds For Breaking Bad

With the massive success of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, it seems that whatever creator Vince Gilligan wants to do next will most likely be approved for production. And if it had anything to do with Breaking Bad, there is no doubt of its potential success. But although there are numerous stories about Breaking Bad, Gilligan recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss what the future holds

When asked about more work pertaining to Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan said, “I can definitely imagine revisiting it. Selfishly, I’d like to do so, to keep this thing going. But without naming any names, I look around at some of the worlds, the universes, the stories that I love, whether they’re on TV or in the movies. And I think there’s a certain point, and it’s hard to define, where you’ve done too much in the same universe. Just leave it alone.”

Vince Gilligan Doesn’t Want To Be A One-Trick Pony

While Breaking Bad has rich characters like Gus Fring, Vince Gilligan explained how the universe of the show is small in comparison to other shows and movies. “And some universes are much bigger and more elastic. Ours is a very small one, Albuquerque, New Mexico, versus some of these worlds and series of movies and TV shows. The main thing I’m scared of is becoming too much of a one-trick pony. Yes, I could do more with this universe. And maybe someday I will, especially if I fail at everything that comes next. Then I’ll come crawling back. But right now, whether there’s more room to grow or not — and there probably is — I feel like it’s time to do something new.”

For those who might be behind on Vince Gilligan’s Better Call Saul, currently on its sixth season, the first five seasons are available to stream on Netflix. The dramatic end for Saul Goodman airs at 9 p.m. on August 15, on AMC.