‘Walker’ EP Hints at the Future of Jared Padalecki’s Cordell in Season 3

by Craig Garrett

After a cliffhanger season 2 finale, a showrunner on Jared Padalecki’s Walker sheds light on what is to come for the action tv show. A word of warning: what follows may reveal details of Walker’s recent storylines from season 2. So a lot was packed into the season 2 finale, but most importantly, there was a major cliffhanger. Cordell Walker was kidnapped in the closing moments of the show. Viewers were left stunned and eagerly awaiting the season 3 opener.

Walker executive producer Anna Fricke gave a tidbit on what to expect recently to TV Line. “This is something that we’re obviously exploring in Season 3, and our writers’ room is up and running, so we are right in the thick of discussing all of that, Fricke said. “I will say that Cordell has gotten too close to something in his investigation, and it’s possible that something unexpected from his past comes back to haunt him.”

‘Walker’ Showrunner has hopes for ‘Supernatural’ stars to appear

Of course, many fans of the current iteration of Walker are carryovers from Jared Padalecki’s days on CW’s Supernatural. That show ran for an unbelievable 15 seasons from 2005 to 2020, and has a rabid fanbase. That said, Fricke teased at the possibility of other Supernatural stars appearing on Walker. “You know, it’s hard because we have Mark Sheppard on [Walker spinoff] Independence, although he has a pitch for how he could appear on Walker.” Finke goes on to add another possibility. “Actually, you know who I would love, who I’ve worked with before, is Mark Pellegrino. That would be a lot of fun.” Finke previously served as a producer on Pellegrino’s Being Human.

Yet another set of Walker fans are old-school folks who loved the original Walker, Texas Ranger series. That show was also long-running. It lasted from 1993 to 2001. The Chuck Norris action series had a sequel tv movie in 2005 and spun off an impossible amount of internet memes. Walker, Texas Ranger clips were also used in a years-long routine by the late-night host, Conan O’Brien. The comedian would pull a lever, revealing a hilariously out-of-context scene from the show, such as Norris jump-kicking a bear.

Stepping into the boots of an icon like Chuck Norris was no easy feat for Jared Padalecki. The Friday the 13th actor made sure to get Chuck’s permission, first. He said as much in an interview with Good Morning America last year. “[Chuck Norris] did have to give his blessing. He helped create the original version, and so he still co-owns it, the actor said. “He didn’t have any problem with it, thank goodness, because I don’t want to mess with Chuck Norris.”