‘Walker’: Everything We Know About Season 3 So Far

by Joe Rutland

Walker is one of those shows on The CW that is simply racking up more fans as it goes along and it’ll be entering Season 3. Jared Padalecki plays the lead role and knows how to keep people tuned in week after week. As the show rolls up to its premiere in October, let’s look at some things we know about it.

According to Looper, Walker comes back on TV on Oct. 6, and be on the lookout for the prequel series, Walker: Independence, too. If you recall in the Season 2 cliffhanger, then we all saw Cordell Walker get kidnapped. What in the world is going to happen here? Showrunner Anna Fricke talked about it with TV Line.

“This is something that we’re obviously exploring in Season 3, and our writers’ room is up and running, so we are right in the thick of discussing all of that,” Fricke said. “I will say that Cordell has gotten too close to something in his investigation, and it’s possible that something unexpected from his past comes back to haunt him.”

Look For Most of ‘Walker’ Cast Members To Return For Next Season

Who will be returning in Season 3? Most of the cast you have come to know and love. Cassie Perez is back as Ashley, while Jeff Pierre comes back as Trey Barnett. Others in the mix are Molly Hagan, Mitch Pileggi, Keegan Allen, Coby Bell, and Odette Annable. Paula Marshall and Jalen Thomas Brooks are back as members of the Davidson family. But don’t hold your breath about Lindsey Ramirez. She left during Season 2 and there’s been no word about her returning.

Meanwhile, Padalecki did admit that the show had to rewrite episodes after his car accident. “I feel great, thank you,” Padalecki would tell TV Insider in an interview. “Yeah. I feel, I feel great. I was a little banged up but got up and at it, got through the last three episodes. (And) I probably, I dunno if I’ve really talked about this but, unbeknownst to I think a lot of the viewing audience, they had to rewrite a lot of the scenes in episodes 19 and 20 because I couldn’t film for a couple of weeks.”

As you watch this show, you might think that there’s some part missing. Probably many viewers will remember that the legendary Chuck Norris appeared in Walker, Texas Ranger. But this show is nothing like that one and Padalecki knows it. There are no big roundhouse kicks or other elements that fans love from that show on Walker. The show has managed to put itself together quite well. If you do want to watch Norris in action, then catch that one on GetTV weekdays.