‘Walker: Independence’: 1800s Western Spinoff of Jared Padalecki-Led Series Greenlit at CW

by Joe Rutland

If you are a fan of Jared Padalecki, then we have good news for you as a spinoff of Walker titled Walker: Independence is coming soon. Padalecki, who stars in The CW series as Cordell Walker, is behind the new series also coming to The CW. He’s going to be the executive producer as this prequel centers around Abby Walker. She goes to Independence, Texas, in the 1800s while going West. Katherine McNamara is on board to play Abby.

Is it surprising to see a spinoff of this show? The day and age of Westerns has gotten a lot better. Take into account the recent success of Taylor Sheridan and Yellowstone. People tune in every week to watch Kevin Costner play John Dutton and all the family drama that goes down. Padalecki has been busy taking Walker to new heights on his network. It obviously is doing well enough to warrant a spinoff.

‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki Talks About Living, Working At Home In Texas

Walker is filmed in Texas, which happens to be home for Padalecki. It gives the actor a chance to work while being, metaphorically speaking, right out his backdoor. Imagine getting to work in the same place that you live. We think that’s pretty cool. What does Padalecki think about it? He calls it awesome. “A lot less flying,” Jared Padalecki said in an interview. “I don’t even know where my passport is right now, where I usually have it plastered to me.”

He grew up in Texas and has been a fan of the OG show Walker, Texas Ranger that starred Chuck Norris. It is obvious from watching Walker that Padalecki is no Chuck Norris and he’s not really trying to be at all. The show does well enough, though, that viewers keep tuning in to see what is going on. And Padalecki is really clear in saying that he’s not trying to make his character just like Norris’.

Actor Finds Himself Drawn To Role And Offers Thoughts On His ‘Walker’

But he does talk about what drew him to the role. “This is just somebody trying to be the best version of themselves they can and falling short, but, but striving to learn,” Padalecki tells The Hollywood Reporter. “… This is more about like, ‘Hey, this guy is doing the best he can.'”

Recently, Padalecki teamed up with his Supernatural co-star Jenson Ackles on an episode. Ackles talks about the incredible shorthand between both of them. “It was very nice to be back with someone who I’ve got such an incredible shorthand with, which we’ll always have,” Ackles tells TVLine. “You don’t lose something like that. Spending 15 years building that up, that’s never going to go away. So that was fun.”