‘Walker: Independence’: CW Drops New Trailer for 1800s-Set Spinoff Series

by Joe Rutland

For fans of Walker starring Jared Padalecki, there’s good news as a lengthy trailer from The CW is out for the spinoff Walker: Independence. This spinoff is set in the 1800s and might give off some vibes from 1883 done by Taylor Sheridan. Yet this is a whole other project and Padalecki is involved as an executive producer. What does the trailer show? Well, take a look for yourself.

New Glimpse at ‘Walker: Independence’ Gives Us View Of Abby Walker

Walker: Independence will focus around a character named Abby Walker. Katherine McNamara will play Abby in the show. We find Abby on her way to Independence, Texas. But trouble is brewing along her journey. We get a glimpse of some of this in the trailer. She’s not alone in going to Independence. Matt Barr will be playing Hoyt Rawlins on here, too.

We find Hoyt and Abby crossing paths out in the rough-and-tumble 1800s. Both of them end up in Independence. The journey is long and rough, though. What happens to them is played out on the spinoff. We will see them get together and have a family. Still, struggles loom and that’s part of the appeal of this show. Seeing how they deal with different situations is going to play itself out.

Matt Barr Appears As Hoyt Rawlins In Sequel To ‘Walker’

Meanwhile, Rawlins really is kind of a rascal. He’s an outlaw who gambles and tries to fit in. Rawlins’ past includes having an affair with Lucia Montero. Look for trouble to be his middle name while trying to live a better life in Independence. He does fall in love with Abby, who is a widow. Rawlins changes his tune and works on cleaning up his personal life.

Oh, you are not seeing double when viewing Barr play Hoyt on Walker: Independence. Yes, he does play Rawlins on the modern-day show you’ve come to watch and love. Maybe this is done to have a connection between both shows. You know, having the same actor play the same character but at different times. We trust this will be cleared up at some point.

Additionally, Justin Johnson Cortez also is aboard as Calian. He’s part of a group of natives that live just outside Independence. Calian will have a connection between the people who live in the town and the natives who live just beyond it. There will be some curiosity going down here. Why? Calian wants to see how people in the town are living their lives.

The actor himself is an Indigenous American. Cortez, who has a connection with the Yaqui Tribe, has other work on Fox shows including 9-1-1: Lone Star. Finally, director Larry Teng is on board with this project.