‘Walker: Independence’ Reveals Premiere Date, Gives First Look in New Trailer

by Samantha Whidden

It’s official! The new TV series Walker: Independence now has a premiere date! Here are all the details about the upcoming western.

In a new post on Instagram, the Walker: Independence crew made the announcement with an image of the show’s stars Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker and Matt Barr as Hoyt Rawlins. “Old west. New Rules,” the post reads. “Walker: Independence premieres Thursday, October 6, on The CW!” 

Per its IMDb description, Walker: Independence follows Abby Walker, whose husband is murdered right before her years. While on her quest to avenge her husband, Walker crosses paths with Hoyt Rawlins. They then head to Independence, Texas, and encounter residents who are running from their own pasts. Starring with McNamara and Barr are Katie Findlay, Mark Sheppard, Brandon Sklenar, and Gabriela Quezada. 

McNamara previously spoke to TV Line about Walker: Independence and how the show is not a typical western. “It’s not the western you’re expecting. Every character is not what they seem on the surface. It has the feel and the nostalgia of a western, but it’s a very modern story with characters that are going through real things that are so fascinating.”

Findlay also spoke about the show and how it stands out. “The frontier, in reality, was deeply diverse and queer ad all kinds of things. You don’t often get to see that because history is written by white guys. It’s really nice to be in a cast that represents more of the reality of the landscape of a time where so many people were coming together and struggling to survive.” 

Katherine McNamara Talks About What Drew Her to ‘Walker: Independence’

Deadline reports that while attending ATX earlier this summer Katherine McNamara revealed what really drew her to her Walker: Independence character.  “Something that drew me to this project is the fact that Abby is not your traditional woman in the West. She has a strong grit that you often see in these female characters, but [the writers] don’t shy away from putting her through the wringer as well.”

McNamara then said that Abby Walker has a huge range of vulnerability and strength throughout the whole story. “And that’s a lot more to be discovered about her,” she continued. The actress then said that the audience gets to see the relationship between her and her husband Liam at the beginning. “They have a marriage that’s more of a partnership than the traditional husband and wife of the 1870s and there is something different about her from the start.”

Meanwhile, the Walker: Independence leading lady went on to say that Abby has “timeless independence” and speaks of a different era. “She is willing to quest the status quo. There’s a reason she left Boston. There’s a reason she and Liam want to create a life of their own and they want to create a town of their own making.”