‘Walker’ Showrunner Reveals Her Mom Gave Her an ‘Earful’ Over Cordell’s Love Life

by Alex Falls

Walker debuted on The CW last year and gave fans of the original classic TV show Walker, Texas Ranger a chance to spend more time with their favorite Texas lawman. The early episodes of the reboot largely dealt with Jared Padalecki’s Cordell Walker mourning the death of his wife on his journey to seek justice.

But the second season saw Walker slowly start dating again. He even went on dates with his longtime friend Geri and his friend/enemy Twyla. However, fans can’t help but notice Cordell still seems to be holding back in the dating department.

The upcoming season three will continue to highlight Walker’s struggles moving on from the death of his wife. Walker showrunner Anna Fricke spoke to TV Line about the prospect of Cordell and Geri getting together in the future. She said it’s going to take time for Cordell, who’s still healing from his wife’s untimely death. She also mentioned she’s gotten a lot of flack from her own mother over some of Walker’s creative choices.

“Listen, my mother was very upset when he tried to move on [with Twyla]. I got an earful about that,” Fricke said. “I feel bad saying that I’m always trying to thwart [Walker and Geri]. I’m not. I really believe in Walker and Geri, and I feel like they have to earn each other.”

She continued, “And I also think that, originally and ultimately, Walker’s origin story, at least as we know him, is as a widow, a man who’s grieving. We can’t lose sight of that, that he doesn’t just bounce back right away. This is a man who suffered great loss in his life, his children suffered great loss, and so it’s going to take a while for him to become the person I think he needs to become to really let love in.”

What’s Ahead for Walker?

It makes sense for Walker to take his time when it comes to finding new potential love. Even if Fricke has to defend the character’s choices to her mother. The series was built on the concept of a widower trying to solve his wife’s murder while also processing the grief of losing her in the first place. Even though we see him date from time to time, fans (and Fricke’s mother) want to see Walker take time to figure out what he wants. That’s the journey that will ultimately bring good into his life.

In the upcoming season three, Walker has much bigger things on his plate than dating. As we saw in the season two finale, it seemed like things were close to getting back to normal for Walker. But in the episode’s final moments, Walker goes missing and ends up in the back of an unknown van. Fans won’t have to wait much longer to see what happens next. Walker returns to TV on October 6th on The CW.