‘Walker’ Showrunner Teases New Revelations About Cordell in Season 3

by Samantha Whidden

While “Walker” fans still have a few months until the TV show’s third season premiere, showrunner Anna Fricke is now teasing new revelations about Cordell. 

During a recent interview with TV Line, the “Walker” showrunner shared that the cast and crew is excited to explore more details about Cordell that they never knew about. The revelations will see the character’s family in a new light.  “Season 2, we sort of focused on Cordell taking care of other people and sacrificing for them,” Frick explained. “Season 3, we are looking back into what happens when Walker’s past comes back to haunt him.”

Fricke also said that Cordell does have a very complicated history and it does follow him, as well as, impact his family. “But they’re in a different boat than they were a couple of years ago,” the “Walker” showrunner declared. “People have grown up and people have learned some lessons.”

Fricke went on to add that she’s really excited to push the “Walker” characters to their limits. “To see how they really react under fire.”

Jared Padalecki Opens Up About Executive Producing ‘Walker: Independence’

While speaking to Nerd and Beyond, Jared Padalecki spoke about the upcoming series “Walker: Independence,” which he is executive producing.  “It’s phenomenal. The writing is fantastic,” Padelecki gushed about the new show. “I’m half jealous that I don’t get to be in it. But again, I do get to be home in Austin. It is a great set of characters that Seamus [Fahey] and the gang put together.”

Padalecki spoke about how the cast is having to do Zoom calls for casting sessions. “Trying to cast an ensemble from a series of tapes because you can’t do in-person meetings has its own set of difficulties.”

Along with discussing the new show, Padalecki chatted about his former “Supernatural” co-star Jensen Ackles directing “Walker” last season. 

“I don’t know if anybody’s talked about this, but [Jensen] was filming on his birthday,” Padalecki shared. “He was directing, so we kind of laughed, and we thought about how we filminess on his birthday in 2005. We’re like, ‘Man, we can’t get away from it, can we?’ And we had gotten him a cake, we had lunch and sang him, ‘Happy Birthday.’”

Padalecki also said he wanted to approach Ackles directing at a professional level. So he didn’t show up when Ackles first started directing.  “I want him to meet my crew and my crew to meet him as director-actor Jensen Ackles, not direct-actor Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s friend. So I was like, ‘I don’t want to be there.’”

Padalecki went on to add that Ackles had been on plenty of sets and he can hold his own. “He certainly didn’t need me there. So I’d like [the crew] to meet him and to see that this guy’s great, he knows exactly what he’s doing.”