‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki Reveals Show Had to Rewrite Episodes Following His Car Crash

by Joe Rutland

Jared Padalecki of Walker has been through a lot as he wrapped up Season 2 a couple of months ago in the wake of a serious car accident. Now, Padalecki is sharing a little inside information about the show itself. Apparently, some things needed to be adjusted for him. This includes some episodes being rewritten.

“I feel great, thank you,” Padalecki tells TV Insider. “Yeah. I feel, I feel great. I was a little banged up but got up and at it, got through the last three episodes. (And) I probably, I dunno if I’ve really talked about this but, unbeknownst to I think a lot of the viewing audience, they had to rewrite a lot of the scenes in episodes 19 and 20 because I couldn’t film for a couple of weeks. I was kind of bedridden, so yeah. Even with episode 218, which Austin Nichols—our beloved Clint West and my dear friend—directed, they had to kind of take me outta some stuff. It was a beautiful episode and a lot of it luckily happened anyways with the hiking and climbing that Stella and Colton were doing.”

Jared Padalecki of ‘Walker’ Points Out What Drew Him To Role

When actors look at playing roles, they will be looking for certain things. It might be an environment or even how a script is written. Padalecki has been around in the TV world for a bit, too. He starred in Supernatural. So, Padalecki talks about what drew him to play this role. He shared his thoughts in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The actor said that he grew up in Texas and feels like Walker, Texas Ranger starring Chuck Norris had been appearing on TV a whole lot.

That show is still popular in reruns as episodes air on GetTV. Padalecki said that his show finds itself in a “very different situation.” What the actor said he wanted to do was to find a storyline where “I could work from home in Austin about a law enforcement agent who ideally for me, the audience will never know if he’s liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican.”

Actor Reflects On Having The Power of Conflict Show Up

In shows like Walker, conflict is a good thing to have. This becomes the path to have characters and storylines duke it out. But there’s a special type of conflict featuring a little energy like the Hatfields and the McCoys. Padalecki did talk about it in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He says that when Walker was growing up, the Davidsons and Walkers were feuding. The Davidsons lived next door and it resembled those Hatfields and McCoys. When they come back to Austin, the Davidsons live on their same ranch.