‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki’s Announcement Has Fans Concerned Ahead of New Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton
The CW

Jared Padalecki and his many fans love to tweet during a new episode of Walker. But tonight, the show’s star bowed out of social media.

However, Padalecki gave the Walker minions advanced warning of his Twitter absence.

“Hey y’all,” Padalecki posted. “Gonna be watching with you, but still not feeling so hot and won’t be tweeting. I can’t wait to read your tweets tomorrow and comment!! Please use #Walker so I can find them.”

Padalecki announced on Oct. 21 that he’d tested positive for COVID. He shared that detail on Twitter, writing:

“Hey gang…. SO, I just scored a Hat Trick this morning… Unfortunately, it was a COVID Hat Trick…So, I’m gonna miss y’all in #VanCon… Love y’all and miss y’all. Thank y’all for reminding me to #AKF. (always keep fighting). Gives me some strength to get through this.”

Besides COVID, Padalecki also had medical issues earlier this year when he was involved in a serious car accident. No wonder fans voiced their concerns.

Meanwhile, tonight’s Walker episode is “Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away.” Here’s the plot tease from the CW:

“Walker (Padalecki), Cassie (Ashley Reyes) and Captain James (Coby Bell) team up to put Trey (Jeff Pierre) through the final stages of his training, a “Rangers hell-week” that will ensure he’s ready to join the ranks of the elite organization, but it’s not only Trey who is put to the test, Walker hasn’t worked with Cassie in weeks and both struggle to get their partnership back in sync.”

Here’s a preview photo from tonight’s Walker “Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away” episode. Keegan Allen as Liam Walker and Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker (Rebecca Brenneman/The CW/2022)

Padalecki Fans Immediately Tried to Make Him Feel Better

The passionate Padalecki fan base immediately tried to cheer up their favorite Walker star.

“Ah sorry you’re not feeling well tonight. Still love you and can’t wait for tonight’s episode,” one fan wrote. Another posted “My guy you need to like, wear a hazmat suit or something cos you gotta stop getting the rona!!! Feel better soon okay.”

Still another Walker fan posted a photo of herself in a mask. She had too much in common with Padalecki. “Not at 100 percent myself, and sad to not be watching live tonight. But at least I have something to look forward to later. Take care, much love.”