WATCH: ‘American Idol’ Judge Katy Perry Launches Pizza Into Drunk Crowd at Las Vegas Club

by Samantha Whidden

Over the weekend, pop music star and “American Idol” judge Katy Perry was reportedly seen feeding a crowd at a Las Vegas nightclub by throwing pizza into the masses. 

In a video obtained by a Katy Perry fan Twitter account, the “American Idol” judge was seen flinging slices of fresh pizza into the crowd. She eventually ended up tossing the delicious slices into the crowd with napkins or paper plates. But no one seemed to really care. “Directly from the box, Katy Perry threw pieces of pizza to the audience that was on the dance floor of the nightclub in Las Vegas,” the video’s caption reveals. 

Fans of the “American Idol” judge gushed about the singer and songwriter’s antics at the club. “The way my drunk feral a— would 100% be eating that pizza off the nasty a— club floor if Katy Perry threw it at me.”

Another went on to add, “I would do anything for Katy Perry to slap me in the face with pizza.”

Katy Perry Will Return As A Judge For ‘American Idol’ Season 21 

The pizza-throwing fun at the Las Vegas nightclub comes just days after Katy Perry was said to return as a judge on “American Idol”. Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie will also return to the judge’s table. While Ryan Seacrest will continue his key role as host. All four will appear in the show’s upcoming 21st season.

While speaking to Billboard this past spring about “American Idol,” Katy Perry stated the show is about mentorship and momentum. “It’s the two M’s,” she explained. “You get the mentorship, you take the advice – because we’re not just talking to hear ourselves speak. We’re literally trying to give you ever specific, real advice for the real world out there that you can take and apply in real time and then use this whole launch as momentum to whatever you want to do. Because it’s really not always about winning.

Perry then noted, “But if you can place high – in the top 10, in the top 20 – just hustle your way and launch off of this.”

Katy Perry further states that when it comes to making cuts, things get a little complicated. “It’s hard to say, ‘No, you didn’t make it to American Idol – now sing!’ And then commercial break. And then you’re done – and literally, you’re done on this show. But… No one’s getting out of it besides one person, so get used to the Band-Aid getting ripped off.”

Katy Perry went on to add that’s how the real world works. “That’s the real music industry. It’s not ever going to be as intense, as concentrated and sometimes not even as kind or constructive in the real music industry. We’re kind of like the Montessori style. We’re a Montessori mom. We let them figure it out.”