WATCH: ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Dedicates Enchanting Performance to Her Father in Ukraine

by Suzanne Halliburton

America’s Got Talent thrives on these types of emotional human interest stories. But Svitlana Rohozhyna added another teary-eyed layer Tuesday night during her audition.

Rohozhyna, an aerialist, is from Ukraine. She grew up in Kiev, the country’s capital. But she’s living in Las Vegas now, trying for the so-called “American Dream.” With her country at war against invading Russian troops, Rohozhyna helped evacuate her mother and little sister to safety. They were backstage during the America’s Got Talent tryout. Meanwhile, Rohozhyna’s father was fighting on the front lines back in Ukraine. And she dedicated her performance to him.

AGT judge Heidi Klum told her “we’re all rooting for you.” And her act was stunning. If you missed the America’s Got Talent telecast, the AGT social media account tweeted the video.

America’s Got Talent Contestant Appears in Vegas Show

Rohozhyna, when she’s not auditioning on talent shows, is part of the WOW Vegas Spectacular Show at Caesars Palace. She uses a giant chandelier to set off her enchanting aerials moves. She started her performance with some graceful dance moves. Then, the chandelier pulled her up by the neck as she twirled over the stage. Somehow, she managed to fling off her red dress to reveal a sparkly gold and beige body suit. She dropped to the ground again. This time, she attached her leg to the chandelier as it pulled her towards the ceiling. As she spun upside down, she dropped flower petals.

People in the audience immediately rose to their feet to applaud Rohozhyna.

“Your family is super proud, your country is super proud,” said America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum. “You’re so strong, so elegant, (and) also very sexy. You’re doing this with heels on. (And) you’re spectacular.” Sofia Vergara agreed, telling Rohozhyna she was “perfection.”

Simon Cowell gave her the first yes, “I think with what your family has gone through, that additional pressure, it actually was quite impressive to watch,” Cowell said. “The level of perfection, it was absolutely stunning. You have genuine star quality.”

As soon as she stepped off stage, there was another special moment. She called her father to tell him the news. She’d made the next round of America’s Got Talent. As a proud dad, he told his daughter “you are my superstar.”

Audience Loved Her Performance

Earlier this week, she finally was able to tell her social media followers she’d be on the show. On Tuesday, the social media response to this America’s Got Talent moment was immediate and powerful.

“Beautiful performance. God bless the Ukrainian women,” wrote one AGT fan. Another wrote: “Svitlana Rohozhayna you are amazing. I am praying for Ukraine.”

One fan acknowledged the beauty of the music, Lauren Daigle’s “Rescue.” And then added: “that performance was scary + beautiful! Prayers for her Dad!”