WATCH: Bryan Cranston Gets Drilled By ‘In the Heights’ Star’s Ball During Softball Game Batting Practice

by Emily Morgan

Bryan Cranston’s career in the MLB is yet to be determined. On Saturday, the actor took a softball to the shoulder during batting practice. He was gearing up for the All-Star Celebrity Softball game at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium. 

After taking the hit, the “Breaking Bad” alum went down on his knees after being pummeled by In the Heights actor Anthony Ramos. “Are you all right?” Ramos asked Cranston, who also rocked a long, bushy beard. After he saw him keel over, the fellow actor rushed to check on him.

Comedian Guillermo Rodriguez, from “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” also ran over to the “Malcolm in the Middle” star. He asked him if he needed some water. Ramos then helped the Emmy winner get back on his feet. He put his arms around him, showing no hard feelings as he continued to pat him on his shoulder. 

In a video of the moment, viewers can hear someone asking the TV icon if he wanted a tequila. The actor answered with, “might have to, yeah.” 

Cranston returned to his trailer and said, “It’s definitely going to bruise. I might be more of a cheerleader in this game.” Guillermo also posted a video on Twitter of him knocking out a camera during batting practice. 

Cranston plays around with umpire during celebrity game

During the game, Cranston was feeling better as he joked around with the umpire. He pretended to fight with the official after he struck him out. The actor made a faux scene and claimed he thought it should have been a ball. 

The commentators agreed, “There is no way that’s a strike.” “It was inside!” Cranston yelled, kicking dirt on the umpire in a fake rage. Ultimately, Cranston’s team lost to Brooklyn 15-13. Former San Francisco Giants star Hunter Pence sealed the win for his team with two home runs.  

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is Tuesday at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium.

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul to get their own statues for their work in ‘Breaking Bad’

Best known for his role as Walter White on “Breaking Bad,” he previously played in games for the Triple-A Isotopes. This Minor League Baseball team plays in Albuquerque, New Mexico, also the setting for the iconic crime series. 

He and his “Breaking Bad” costar Aaron Paul will throw a ceremonial first pitch there on July 30.

In addition, the city is erecting statues of the show’s two main characters, Walter White (Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Paul). The show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, commissioned the statues in 2019. He’s now gifted them to the city’s government due to wanting to “give something back” to the location.

“Over the course of 15 years, two TV shows and one movie, Albuquerque has been wonderful to us,” Gilligan said.