WATCH: ‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Reflects on Epic Trip to Costa Rica With Willie

by Joe Rutland

Duck Dynasty stars Korie Robertson and Willie Robertson are now back home after taking an epic trip that mixed work and play in Costa Rica. As you can tell from this post that Korie put up on her Instagram account, she and Willie had some fun. It did mix a speaking engagement which Korie talks about but they even found time for an ice bath. Talk about having a good time here. Well, take look at what Korie is sharing with all of us on a Thursday night.

As you can tell, it was a whale of a trip. By the way, their fans were eating up the views of this popular couple. One wrote in the comments section, “It’s good to see you Guys enjoying yourself after working so hard for so many years!” Another one said, “You guys were the best! Thank you so much for the amazing conversations! We loved you both! See you guys in Nicaragua one day!” Now, some of you are looking at Willie and might wonder what happened? Obviously, he has lost his rather lengthy beard and changed his hairstyle a bit. Longtime Duck Dynasty fans are used to seeing him look, well, like Willie! Still, this couple knows how to have a good time and they did it on this incredible trip.

Korie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Is Quite Busy Traveling This Summer

But this couple also has been busy this summer beyond this adventure. And we probably can all agree that they go on an adventure and do it very, very well. Back in July, a whole lot of Robertsons headed over to Copenhagen for some fun. Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame also shared some thoughts at that time, too. “Happily back home and about to head to church, but had to document Copenhagen here…We loved this place so much!!” Korie wrote.

Korie happened to mention that all of her and Willie’s kids are now out of the house. So, they have time to go on these trips by themselves. You might say that there’s a mess of “new chapters” starting up in their family these days. But she is not worked up about this at all. For Korie, she has something quite strong to lean on in times like these.

Do you know what it is? If you follow the Robertson family at all, then you know that their faith in God matters a whole lot to them. “Worrying doesn’t add a thing to your life,” Korie wrote on Instagram. “He is the one who has numbered your days, and HIS WAYS ways are so much better than ours! has numbered your days, and HIS WAYS ways are so much better than yours!”