WATCH: ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Dylan McDermott Posts Behind the Scenes Clips From Epic Photo Shoot

by Suzanne Halliburton

Dylan McDermott is just showing off. Or check that, maybe it’s Remy Scott, the new boss on FBI: Most Wanted, with the incredible style.

On Monday, McDermott posted some behind-the-scenes videos of a recent photo shoot. Presumably, it’s in conjunction with FBI: Most Wanted. Or, given his penchant for great style, it could be for a fashion site. McDermott joined the FBI’s fugitive task force this spring and appeared in the final six episodes of the season. Before the FBI show, he’d been in the Dick Wolf universe, but at NBC, rather than CBS. He played evil but debonair Richard Wheatley on Law & Order: Organized Crime.

And McDermott’s Remy Scott is debonair, but he’s not evil. Both Wheatley and Remy share the same taste in fashion. Take a look:

McDermott was a sinister scene-stealer on Law & Order: Organized Crime. As Wheatley, his mental and physical battles against Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) were epic. Wheatley was brilliant and manipulative. Stabler did get the best of him, with Wheatley presumed dead at the bottom of the river following a car wreck. But no one found the body.

When Julian McMahon left FBI: Most Wanted at mid-season, CBS created Remy Scott and hired McDermott. But McDermott still has friends at his old show. Danielle Mone Truitt, who plays Det. Bell on OC, sent Instagram props to McDermott. “I see you DYLAN!!!!! Love it!,” she wrote. McDermott replied with a wink emoji.

McDermott showed off a variety of looks, with the 60-year-old looking ageless. He even sported a pair of light pink pants paired with a navy t-shirt. One fan wrote: “The PINK!!!! I…. I’m too stunned to properly comment. I’ll be back for you later.”

Another replied: “Love the pink pants! You look most comfortable in that outfit.” (Those pants probably are too fashion forward for an agent on FBI: Most Wanted).

There’s also a shot of McDermott wearing a black leather coat. When he wore a similar coat on Organized Crime, the look went viral. McDermott also can pull off a turtleneck.

McDermott as Remy Scott went to the front door of a judge to get a warrant in FBI: Most Wanted. (Mark Schafer/CBS ©2022)

But let’s get back to FBI: Most Wanted. The show is headed into its fourth season. In late spring, CBS gave it a two-year renewal. Writers created Remy for McDermott, who also is adding his own details to the character. We know he’s divorced. His ex wife also is in the FBI. He drives a two-seater convertible and he lives in a nice apartment in NYC. And he ended up as an FBI agent after his younger brother was kidnapped and murdered.

“I was able to create the character from the ground up, which was amazing,” McDermott told CBS Mornings. “I talked to Dick and (showrunner) David Hudgins about how to keep myself rooted in the character. (And) I wanted him to have loss in his life. I had loss in my life early on. I wanted to use that in this character because it would fuel me and anchor me in this role for years to come. And that’s proven to be true already.

“I can always refer to and go back to that anytime when I’m playing Remy Scott,” said the FBI: Most Wanted lead. “I try to use pieces of my life whenever I can because I think it adds that extra element. (And) I sometimes see that on TV … that authenticity.”

Stay tuned. FBI: Most Wanted premieres Sept. 20.