WATCH: ‘Fire Country’ Star Max Thieriot Goes Through a ‘Baptism by Fire’ in New Trailer

by Joe Rutland

Max Thieriot is a part of the new CBS show Fire Country that will be coming out in October for the network’s fall schedule. Most people are familiar with the actor from his work on the Paramount+ series SEAL Team. This new series, though, sees him not only as a cast member. The show reportedly has been a personal project for the Clay Spenser actor. So, we get a glimpse of what will be popping up on the Friday night show. It’s slotted to be the lead-in for Blue Bloods.

Sure, you can see him here and wonder if he’s going to be on SEAL Team. Rest assured that he’s coming back to that show. This clip that we get here looks like a lot of action will take place on the show. Talk about something that will keep viewers glued to their TV sets.

Max Thieriot Will Play Bode Donovan on ‘Fire Country’ on CBS This Fall

Some of you might be wondering what Fire Country will be all about. Let’s take a look and see what we can find out about the show here. Thieriot will play Bode Donovan, who enlists in a firefighting program in his hometown. Donovan is a young convict who has been through some things in his life.

A CBS synopsis about Fire Country says that he will be seeking both redemption and a shorter prison sentence. We also find out that this is “a high-risk, high-reward assignment.” One of the conflicts will be that Donovan is back home. But this also has acted as a place where things started going off the rails in his life. Putting this show in a Friday night spot gives it a solid chance to gain steam.

Let’s take a little journey with him about SEAL Team. One time, Thieriot pointed out “the most important thing” that the show does. It comes down to one word: authenticity. He talked about it in an interview for DailyCaller. “I think the thing is, to be honest, that’s the most important thing to us,” Thieriot said. “Whether the technical aspect [of] the military tactics or the stuff that now goes on in this community or if it’s the personal life stories or, like you said, the sacrifices that these men and women make … to make sure we are as authentic as we can possibly be is, by far, the most important thing.” With authenticity being very important, these actors know it is their job to keep things going. But Thieriot also has his eye on Fire Country as he’s an executive producer. When we pointed out that it’s a personal project, then this is what we were talking about. Catch Fire Country on Friday nights on CBS.