WATCH: NFL Players Choir Gets ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audience Out of Their Seats

by Suzanne Halliburton

There’s one act that might have the perfect answer to winning America’s Got Talent. On Tuesday, the Players Choir, whose members are current or former NFL stars, showed us the big dudes can command a stage off a football field.

The group made it through the audition process and into the first live round of America’s Got Talent. And dressed in slacks and red cardigans, the players performed “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” That’s a cover of Justin Timberlake’s hit from the Trolls movie. It all fits their uplifting, gospel vibe.

The audience loved the performance so much that everyone got up and danced in their seats as glitter confetti flew through the air.

The AGT account tweeted: “Players Choir hits every note with EASE!”

Players Choir Sang ‘Lean on Me’ in America’s Got Talent Audition

The group sang Bill Withers “Lean on Me” in their audition to earn a spot in Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent live round. The choir first got together in 2008 to sing in the Super Bowl’s Gospel Celebration. They sang the national anthem earlier this year before the Pro Bowl. The players who performed included Cameron Newton, Leonard Weaver III, Tully Banta-Cain, Bryan Scott, Michael Gaines, Stephen Pierce, Dwayne Wright, Nick Roach, Tommie Harris, Tyrell Adams, Jamon Brown and Prince Amukamara.

Harris, an All-American defensive tackle at Oklahoma and former NFL first rounder, tweeted after the performance “You Can’t Stop The Feeling Vibes.”

America’s Got Talent fans loved the song, the entire act. Fans on Twitter clamored for the group to perform at the Super Bowl. They were thinking bigger than America’s Got Talent. The ultimate winner of the talent competition will earn $1 million and a spot at the AGT show in Las Vegas. Fan voting will pick the winner from Tuesday night. The judges will choose another act.

Terry Crews, the host of America’s Got Talent, really pushed for the Players Choir after their audition. And he cheered hard for them Tuesday night. After all, Crews used to play in the NFL. We’re not sure if he can sing, but Crews can act.

Crews tweeted: “All those end zone touchdown celebrations got them ready for the AGT stage! Great job Players Choir.”

Country Star Drake Milligan Could Be Act to Beat from Tuesday

In order to move on to the America’s Got Talent finals, the Players Choir will need to beat out the likes of country singer Drake Milligan and saxophonist Avery Dixon. Both did well during Tuesday’s first round and received rave reviews from the judges.

This is the second reality show for Milligan. He also made it to the live rounds of American Idol in 2018, but opted not to continue. Dixon, who received a Golden Buzzer for Crews in the audition rounds, also sports a heart-warming story. He was born early, weighing barely a pound. When doctors intubated him, his vocal chords were damaged. So Dixon said he was bullied when he was a kid. Now, he uses money he earns from performances to pay for gift bags he gives to new parents of premature babies.

But the Players Choir also inspired. One America’s Got Talent fan tweeted: “Players Choir, my severely autistic son absolutely LOVED your performance! He asked me to replay it several times! YOU GUYS ROCK!! I hope you make it to the finals! Your my favorite!!”