‘Pawn Stars’ Crew Posts Hilarious Clip From Their Big American Road Trip

by Megan Molseed

The guys from Pawn Stars are touring America this month. And the TV stars are posting some hilarious teasers to their Instagram page, sharing their adventures.

“Pawn Stars is doing America!” Rick Harrison begins the Instagram post, adding an American flag emoji.

“Do you have an old item you have saved,” Rick Harrison continues in the post. “[A]nd always wondered if it has real value?” Well, the Insta message says, this is the perfect time to show these items to the Pawn Stars crew!

“Now is your time to find out,” the message notes.

“We just left our [heart emoji] in San Fran and are on our way to Valley Forge, PA!” the Pawn Stars post adds.

“Bring your item and a member of the [Pawn Stars] Team will evaluate it for you,” the team says. “Click the link in my bio for more info.”

Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Is Full Of Fun Information – But Chumlee And Corey Aren’t Up For Listening To It All

The hilarious Insta clip features a series of announcements. The clip features the father/son duo Rick and Corey Harrison, and longtime employee and costar, Chumlee. In the video, the trio sits next to the water on the San Fransico coast while catching fans up on this cross-country tour.

“We had an awesome time in San Francisco,” Chumlee says as the clip begins.

“Right now, we’re just hanging out,” the Pawn Stars star continues. “Checking out the beautiful island of Alcatraz with some fog in the background. Very relaxing,” he adds.

Now, anyone who has watched the hit History Channel series knows well, that Rick Harrison loves a good historical factoid. And historical factoids are certainly something that the legendary Alcatraz is full of. He asks Corey and Chumlee if they want to hear some “cool historical facts about Alcatraz?”

But neither Corey nor Chumlee are in the mood. Despite this, Rick tries to update his fellow Pawn Stars, but he can barely get a word in as the other two keep cutting him off.

Chumlee Gives Himself A Major Promotion In This Hilarious Clip

Next, Chumlee seems to give himself a promotion as he starts the next announcement out by introducing Rick and Corey as his two “sidekicks.” Both Rick and Corey do not look too pleased as Chumlee finishes his spiel announcing their upcoming trip to Valley Forge Pennsylvania.

“When did I become your sidekick,” Corey asks. Chumlee doesn’t give it much thought before he responds to Corey’s question, hilariously telling Corey that this change took place “a couple days ago.”