WATCH: ‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Gives First Look at Her New Food Network Show

by Megan Molseed

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is cooking up some new excitement at the Food Network these days. And she’s giving us a fabulous sneak peek! Her latest “food-filled” TV adventure” is taking Ree Drummond into the “Big Bad” battle of budgets as she hosts a variety of cooking contestants as they go head to head in the kitchen, preparing the best budget-friendly meals.

In her recent Instagram post, Ree Drummond notes how excited she is for the Big Bad Budget Battle to premiere early next week. The Food Network event, The Pioneer Woman says, will be full of “awesome home cooks,” “real-life challenges,” “lots of fun and laughs”…and of course, a “goofy red-headed host!”

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Is Cooking Up Some Fun Food Network Competition!

As the Food Network clip begins in the Insta post, The Pioneer Woman is introducing her contestants to the competition. Noting that the name of the game is to make the best meal on a budget. And shortcuts are definitely allowed!

“We don’t always have a lot of time to get our meals on the table,” the Food Network host says in the clip.

“I like to encourage cooks to not feel guilty about using low-cost, time-saving items,” Ree Drummond tells the contestants in her Insta sneak peek.

“This is gonna be a fun one!” Ree Drummond captions her clip.

This Newest Competition Is All About The Time-Saving Budget Tips…While Still Making Something Spectacular!

The clip shows fans that this competition is all about using low-cost and time-saving ingredients. While still providing a delicious meal for the family. These items, of course, include a variety of frozen veggies, bottled dressings and sauces…and maybe even some frozen proteins.

Those can also be the foundation of a “delicious meal” Ree Drummond tells her contestants on the Big Bad Budget Battle.

“Tonight’s competition is all “about shortcuts!” Ree Drummond tells the Food Network contestants.

“Hope you enjoy Big Bad Budget Battle as much as I loved filming it!” The Pioneer Woman continues of her newest adventure. She also adds a blushing smiley-face emoji.

“What a fun, food-filled adventure,” Ree Drummond continues in her Insta message.

“See ya Tuesday night,” she says. “[A]t 9 pm Central on Food Network. Yay!”

Drummond’s New Series Is Perfect For The Food Network Host!

In a recent discussion with Variety magazine, the Warner Brothers Home and Food Content president, Jane Latman notes that this series is perfect for not only Drummond’s personality…but also for her sense of humor.

“Each week fans tune in to see what Ree is cooking up on The Pioneer Woman,” Latman says.

“They love her warmth, down-to-earth style, easy relatability, and wry sense of humor,” she continues. “That makes everyone want to pull up a chair in her kitchen.”