WATCH: Rob Riggle Eats Bull Testicles Soaked in Pickle Juice With Bear Grylls

by Tia Bailey

Rob Riggle was unknowingly in for an interesting snack when he appeared on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” The actor consumed bull testicles soaked in pickle juice on the show.

Riggle appeared in the finale episode of season 1 of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” The duo ventured to the Great Basin Desert when Riggle found out what Rocky Mountain Oysters are.

An exclusive clip available here shows the interaction. When Grylls explains to Riggle what they are, Riggle puts his head down and laughs.

“The good news is the bull was well-hung,” Grylls joked before the pair ate. “And we have two of them.”

Grylls and Riggle gave a cheers, Riggle saying: “I will never forget this.” They then ate their dinner, with the reactions being about what anyone could expect — shock and disgust.

Riggle later addresses the camera directly, saying: “So, dinner tonight was unusual, some would say. I say it was awesome. Rocky Mountain oysters… we had testicles, and they were soaked in pickle juice, and they were… delicious.” He then shakes his head, indicating that he was absolutely joking about it being delicious.

This is just a taste of what the 2-hour long season finale of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” will show tonight.

The synopsis for the finale reads: “Bear puts Rob Riggle through a series of mountain man survival tests in the Great Basin to prepare him for an upcoming movie role.”

“Running Wild with Bear Grylls” Season Finale Airs Tonight

The official Twitter account for National Geographic has shared several photos and videos in preparation for the finale.

Grylls himself shared some clips as well, tweeting: “@Robriggle is BACK for more! When @RunningWildwBG adventure truly gets under your skin and you can’t help come back for seconds! Check out tonight’s episode of @RunningWildwBG on @NatGeoTV in US 9/8c.”

In the clip he shared, Riggle says: “We’re doing a helicopter thing right out of the gate. Classic Bear.” Meanwhile, Grylls yells: “Welcome back to Running Wild!” as they are in the helicopter.

Riggle had also appeared on Grylls’ show back in 2019. The episode went: “Comedic actor Rob Riggle joins Bear Grylls on an adventure on Iceland’s Vatnajokull glacier, and together they must navigate treacherous terrain and find a way to survive the frigid night.”

Although they may not have bonded over a nice helping of pickled bull testicles that time around, his new adventure will certainly be warmer than Iceland.

The season finale of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” again featuring Rob Riggle premieres tonight on National Geographic.