WATCH: ‘SEAL Team’ Star AJ Buckley Flashes Back to Role in ‘Amazing Franchise’

by Joe Rutland

Actor A.J. Buckley is known these days for playing Sonny Quinn on SEAL Team, but he appeared in another well-known series. In fact, Buckley was throwing it back to those days on Sunday. He played Ed Zeddmore on The CW show Supernatural. Buckley also played Zeddmore in the TV short titled Ghostfacers. It’s from that show where he offers up a clip from the days gone by. Take a look and make sure to read what he wrote in the caption area.

Fans were effusive in their praise for this clip. One of them writes, “Just listened to you guys on the then and now podcast! So much fun! Can’t wait to hear more when they bring you back.” This fan says, “Damn this is you!!! Goodness me. Lol”. One fan kind of wishes there had been a spinoff of Ghostfacers. “there shoulda been a ghostfacers spin-off, but i’m glad there wasn’t because we might not have had sonny be sonny :)”, this fan says.

‘SEAL Team’ Star AJ Buckley Says Fatherhood Helps Him Play Rol

SEAL Team is alive and well these days over on Paramount Plus. Meanwhile, what helps get Buckley ready to play Sonny and keep him in that space? It happens to be fatherhood. “For me, one of the biggest things about being a dad too is you realize you’re mortal for the first time,” Buckley said in an interview with CBS. “I think adding that into a character like Sonny, who is a knuckle dragger and who is OK with dying on the battlefield, is a really cool piece to his character.”

At one time, Sonny was known as a bit of a troublemaker. He could be a reckless soul as well. But times change and Quinn has adjusted a bit, too. Seeing Buckley take his character and change it around definitely is a good thing. It adds an additional storyline to the already interesting show. But the actor was definitely looking back to earlier days with his flashback to Supernatural.

Let’s bring up some SEAL Team news. Like, when can we expect news of a Season 6 premiere date? Here’s what we do know. The show is due back in the fall. Yet we don’t have a definite word from Paramount Plus yet. This is something that everyone who loves the show is waiting to hear. Maybe Buckley and the other cast members have a hint. And they aren’t talking about it. We are all waiting to hear a date. When we get one, then we’ll pass it along to you. SEAL Team continues to entertain viewers even after leaving CBS for the streaming platform.